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Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show love and appreciation. Get some inspiration for planning your Valentine’s Day with our list of Valentine’s Day date ideas.

1. Order in from your favorite restaurant and set the table. Dining out for Valentine’s Day is usually a little stressful, with crowded restaurants and overtaxed staff. To skip the stress but still have the special experience, you can order in from your favorite restaurant and pull out the placemats, cloth napkins, and candles.

2. Start the day with flowers and breakfast in bed. Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be celebrated in the evening. This special start can make for a great Valentine’s Day, and it can show thoughtfulness and consideration for your partner. Wake up early to make some French toast or pancakes, pour a little coffee or orange juice, and celebrate your partner.

3. Rent a newly released movie. The pandemic changed the way movies are released, and now tons of new, popular flicks are available on-demand. You can turn the lights down, make some buttered popcorn, and have a movie night with a newly released film – all without leaving your house.

4. Cook a homemade meal. A homemade meal can be a meaningful and considerate way to communicate your affection. Extra points if you can make your partner’s favorite dish! And don’t forget the candles and dessert.

5. Tune in for a virtual experience. Many places around the world have created virtual experiences, which expands your options. For example, the Neon Museum in Las Vegas offers a 360-degree virtual tour, where you can see famous decommissioned Las Vegas neon signs. Google Arts and Culture also has a collection of virtual tours available from museums all over the world. If music is more your thing, Songkick keeps a running list of upcoming virtual concerts. Of course, if you’re feeling comfortable, you can go to a museum or concert in-person, too!

6. Plan an outdoor hike or picnic. Planning a nature trip can be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Look around your area for interesting sights to see. Maybe there’s a woodsy hike near you, or a nice walk on the beach.

7. Tap into your artistic side. A craft project can be an enjoyable way to spend Valentine’s Day if it’s something you and your partner are interested in. You can make gifts for each other and exchange them at the end. Here are some ideas to get you started. You can also attend an event like Paint & Sip, where you drink wine while getting a tutorial in painting. Just search for a class near you.

8. A cocktail class or beer tasting. Mixology classes exist! You can celebrate Valentine’ Day by booking a class and learning how to make your favorite cocktail. There are online classes, so you don’t have to leave home. Or if you want to support your local establishments, you can search for classes from your nearby specialty bars. Some will even include the ingredients as part of the package. If beer is more your avenue, you can look for breweries near you that offer tastings of their selections.

9. Check out products to spice up your evening. If you’re looking to enhance your intimacy on Valentine’s Day, check out these products, which can improve libido, boost sensation, ease erectile dysfunction, and more.