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About Defy Medical

A male doctor in a lab coat holds a stethoscope and crosses his arms over his chest.

We specialize in Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and integrative therapies via telemedicine.

Defy Medical’s goal is to treat the whole patient, not just one or two symptoms.

We’ve offered telemedicine care for more than a decade and helped thousands of patients achieve better, happier lives. Our providers are experts in the field of integrative medicine and bring their expertise to you with extended consults and customized care plans.

If you’re tired of traditional health care with incomplete treatment and too little time with providers, Defy Medical is here to help.

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Meet Our Care Team

Defy Medical’s care team is led by Dr. Justin Saya, our medical director and lead practicing physician.

Our care team has extensive experience in hormone restoration, sexual health treatment, and integrative wellness. They’re passionate about helping patients improve their lives and feel their best.

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We treat patients across the country with our telemedicine services. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

Contact Information

  • New Patients: 813-328-2335
  • Current Patients: 813-445-7342
  • Fax: 813-445-7340
  • Email: [email protected]

Telemedicine Hours of Operation

  • Monday – Friday | 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST
  • Saturday | 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST
  • Sunday | CLOSED

Defy Medical Tampa Clinic

We also offer in-office services at our clinic in Florida. To book an appointment, contact us at 813-445-7342 or email [email protected] today. We accept walk-ins, as well.

4809 N. Armenia Ave. Suite #220 Tampa, FL 33603

Clinic Hours of Operation
Monday | CLOSED
Tuesday – Friday | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST
Saturday | 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST on select Saturdays
Sunday | CLOSED

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The defy medical Tampa clinic building in Tampa, Florida

Patient Testimonials

Showing our most recent 4- & 5-star reviews.

TrustScore 5 out of 5 See All 1204 Reviews on Trustpilot

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“Dr. Saya cool, calm, & competent”

Visited on May 30, 2023

Dr. Saya started off with confirming he read my medical history and then asked about any recent changes and what I already knew. It helped get us focused on treatment versus wasting time. Listened to my concerns. Specifically ended with allowing me to ask questions versus just saying bye. Seemed very knowledgeable and confident in his treatment plans.


5 out of 5


Visited on May 30, 2023

just let me give 5 stars damnit


5 out of 5

“Marissa was so knowledgeable”

Visited on May 31, 2023

Marissa was so knowledgeable, really exceeded my expectations


5 out of 5

“Ben was great!”

Visited on May 31, 2023

Ben was very professional, knowledgeable, and broke the treatment down in easy-to-understand steps.


5 out of 5

“Very informative and helpfull”

Visited on June 1, 2023

Very informative and helpfull. I had a few questions and all were answered thank you


5 out of 5

“Mike is Very Well Informed about Medical Issues”

Visited on May 30, 2023

Mike is nice, thoughtful and great at explaining. He also has a sense of humor which I appreciate. In other words, he laughs at my jokes.
He is very knowledgeable.


5 out of 5

“Very thorough and you could tell he…”

Visited on June 1, 2023

Very thorough and you could tell he cares and is invested in a long term relationship to ensure I get to the level of health I want to be at.

–Todd Waterman

5 out of 5

“Went well, then crickets”

Visited on May 30, 2023

My consultation went well, but since then it’s been impossible to get in touch with anyone. I called their customer line twice. They offer callbacks in order to keep your place in line and not have to sit on hold. I attempted that twice and never received any call back. Frustrating.


4 out of 5

“I enjoyed discussing my issues with a…”

Visited on May 29, 2023

I enjoyed discussing my issues with a female doc. I typically work with girl doctors as they seem more relatable and this was no exception.


5 out of 5

“She listened to my concerns and is…”

Visited on May 28, 2023

She listened to my concerns and is willing to let me try some new options. She went over my labs and pointed out if there were any issues

–Philip Coe

4 out of 5

Where Does Defy Medical Operate?

Defy Medical is licensed to practice and prescribe in the United States. We offer comprehensive health services via telemedicine in most states throughout the US. We also perform in-office therapies at our clinic in Tampa, FL.

Options for International Patients

Many patients outside the United States seek our expertise, and we provide advice-only consultations for those patients. In an advice-only consultation, a Defy Medical provider will review your lab work, goals, and existing protocols if applicable to provide expertly guided recommendations. You can then take these recommendations to your local provider for more specialized care.

We cannot prescribe and ship medications overseas.

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A man faces the camera smiling confidently.

We select 10 ambassadors every year to spread the word about Defy Medical.

Defy Medical Ambassador Program

If you enjoy discussing TRT and BHRT in forums and on social media, and if you love talking about how Defy Medical has helped change your life, apply to become a Defy Medical Ambassador.

Ambassadors help represent Defy Medical online and receive rewards and discounts, plus exclusive learning opportunities with our experienced care staff.

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Partnering with trusted pharmacies to be your one-stop source for care.

Defy Medical Pharmacy Partners

To be a Defy Medical pharmacy partner, facilities must commit to meeting high standards and following USP and Good Manufacturing Practices. Our FDA-registered pharmacy partners create consistent and potent medications and supplements.

To maintain our quality of care, Defy Medical does not call in prescriptions to other pharmacies.

Compounded Medication

Compounding pharmacies allow us to individualize your care plan with the varying strengths and configurations you need to feel your best. Our online Patient Portal lets patients conveniently order prescribed compounded products, with doorstep delivery.

One of Defy Medical's pharmacy partners preparing medications in a sterile environment.