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Hormone Therapy for Women

A mature woman sits on a couch smiling in a yellow sweater, showing the success of her hormone therapy.

Is hormone deficiency stealing your joy?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is an ongoing treatment that replenishes hormone levels, so you can get back to enjoying life. Defy Medical’s experienced care team offers customized BHRT for women via telemedicine.

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Three woman of various ages sit on a couch and laugh together, showing the benefit of hormone therapy for women.

Hormone Therapy patients report positive outcomes like:

  • A renewed passion for life
  • Healthy sex drive
  • Better moods
  • Relief from hot flashes and night sweats
  • Improved body composition and an easier time reaching fat loss goals
  • Less hormone-related anxiety and depression
  • Decreased pain and/or discomfort during intercourse

"I thought menopause was the only reason for hormone imbalance."

Menopause is a main cause of hormone imbalance, but there are other reasons.

These include perimenopause, certain medications and medical conditions, surgeries like a hysterectomy and/or oophorectomy, and more.

If you’re not feeling as good as you used to, it’s worth checking your levels – no matter your age.

Do you have a hormone imbalance?

Take our 3-minute quiz to see if you’re a potential candidate for hormone therapy.

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Most women need multiple hormones to feel their best.

Symptoms and comprehensive blood testing help our providers determine which hormones you require.

Estrogen (often in the form of Estradiol or Estriol) supports sexual and reproductive health.

This hormone is responsible for regulating ovulation and menstruation and is often an essential part of a BHRT protocol.

While it’s considered a male hormone, women need Testosterone too! It supports sexual health, desire, and more.

This androgen is key to the creation of other hormones, including Estrogen and Testosterone.

Pregnenolone is a precursor hormone to Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, and Cortisol.

HRT Treatment Options

Defy Medical creates an individualized plan based on your goals, comfort level, and blood test results. There are many options available to you depending on your needs.

  • Injectable BHRT

    Hormone injections allow for careful control and quick adjustment of hormone levels.

  • Topical BHRT

    Hormones can be absorbed through the skin using topical lotions and gels.

  • BHRT Capsules

    These oral capsules deliver hormones in pill form.

  • BHRT Pellet Therapy

    Pellets are implanted under the skin to deliver a steady dose of hormones over time.

  • BHRT Suppositories

    Vaginal suppositories often help with vaginal dryness and discomfort.

“She is very knowledgable and professional”

Visited on April 13, 2024

She is unbelievable, someone who’s very knowledgeable on the subject while also being a true professional. She is the first Doctor I have spoken to who truly knows what she is talking about. I learned a lot from her and for that I’m very grateful. I look forward to continuing to work with her going forward.


5 out of 5

“Very knowledgeable and friendly.”

Visited on March 30, 2024

Very knowledgeable and friendly.


5 out of 5

“Knowledgeable and paid attention to my…”

Visited on April 13, 2024

Knowledgeable and paid attention to my symptoms. Very easy to talk to, and very thorough.


5 out of 5

“Indivdual Attention and Care”

Visited on April 11, 2024

You are not just a number in the system; you are treated like a natural person with individual attention and care. Your treatment is tailored to you, and not a one size fits all approach.


5 out of 5

“Very respectful and comprehensive”

Visited on April 12, 2024

Very respectful and comprehensive. Covered hormone tests my pcp never mentioned


5 out of 5

“She was very easy to talk to and…”

Visited on April 11, 2024

She was very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable!


5 out of 5

“It was to the point”

Visited on April 11, 2024

It was to the point, I like that.

–Michael Shaw

5 out of 5

“Why didn’t I do it sooner?”

Visited on April 11, 2024

Why didn’t I do it sooner? I don’t think I felt this good in my 20s or 30s. My only criticism of Defy is that they don’t do enough outreach to find people who need their help. I wish I wouldn’t have struggled for long on my own. Traditional doctors don’t have the patient care time to take a deep dive into lab results. Defy breaks it all down, checks and rechecks your labs to customize a plan unique to each patient.


5 out of 5

“Marisa is so great I highly recommend…”

Visited on April 11, 2024

Marisa is so great I highly recommend the entire Defy team they are helping me with all my needs.


5 out of 5

“Beth listened to my concerns and…”

Visited on April 11, 2024

Beth listened to my concerns and frustrations I had before reaching out to Defy Medical.


5 out of 5

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No more struggling to find a provider who listens and provides solutions.

Defy Medical: Your Women’s Health Experts

For more than a decade, Defy Medical has offered Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy online. Led by Medical Director Dr. Justin Saya, our experienced care team has guided thousands of patients to living happier, healthier lives – and we’re ready to help you.

With Defy Medical, you access:

Expert Care

Our providers specialize in Women’s Health and use the latest advancements in BHRT.

Convenient Telemedicine

Access virtual consultations and simple online ordering of medications.

No Subscriptions or Contracts

You control your schedule and cost decisions, and only pay for what you need.

Extended 1-Hour Consults

You can ask questions, discuss your most pressing symptoms, and be heard by your provider.

Individualized Care Plans

We go deeper to get to the root causes and create a protocol as unique as you are.

Regular Follow-Up for Optimization

We don’t leave you on your own. Tracking your progress is key to optimizing hormone levels over time.

Simple Pharmacy Ordering

Conveniently order prescriptions, supplements, and supplies through our online patient portal for direct-to-door delivery.

A Variety of Health Services

We also offer sexual health treatments, injectable nutrition, Primary Care, and more.

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