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Strategic vendor partnerships give our patients access to a variety of services.

Defy Medical Vendor Information

A Defy Medical vendor holds a prescription bottle and a tablet.

Patients can go to one place to order blood work, refill medications, and schedule a video consultation with their doctor. Defy Medical will make sure the service is delivered as expected and with the highest level of customer service.


Progressive hormone therapies and adjunctive treatments prescribed for men’s and women’s health involve the prescribing of medications that cannot be patented by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Many of the formulations that are involved in these treatments can be produced by dual licensed 503B and 503A compounding pharmacies who acquire the FDA approved active ingredients necessary to manufacture these drugs.

Using a compounding pharmacy allows the physician to collaborate with the pharmacy to produce custom drug formulas not available commercially. This includes obtaining compounded versions of commercial drugs currently on back-order or discontinued, allowing for patients to maintain continued access to affordable cash-pay medications. These medications can be contracted at discounted prices so that our patients have access to a full catalog of affordable lifestyle medications, while keeping the medication cost lower than most insurance co-pays.

Defy Medical maintains a close relationship with FDA Registered compounding pharmacies, maintaining contracts that guarantee competitive pricing and cost predictability for patients.


Laboratory assessment and early intervention to improve physiological, nutritional/hormonal, emotional/cognitive and physical function is key in running a successful practice. Routine monitoring of patient biomarkers is scheduled throughout the year as an essential component for patients receiving hormone supplementation, interventional therapies, and/or fertility treatments. There are certain lab tests that need to be performed intermittently to properly monitor patients undergoing hormone replacement therapies.

Some patients do not have third-party coverage for the laboratory tests prescribed for these treatments; and the patient cost offered by the laboratory can be too expensive for the patient to afford, which therefore may result in non-compliance and low treatment retention.

Defy Medical has partnered with a laboratory physician cooperative that contracts with accredited national laboratories to receive discounted prices for individual tests and test panels; the cost being significantly lower than what is typically billed by the laboratory. This cost savings is then passed to the patient, who ends up saving an average of 92% off the retail price.

The national laboratories used by Defy Medical always uses accepted and proven methodologies to analyze specimens. This includes Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) used to accurately analyze sex hormones, such as Estradiol in males as LC-MS testosterone. This methodology is found to be more accurate than other common methods used by other institutions offering hormone therapies.

Nutritional Supplements

The clinic currently has wholesale contracts with several supplement manufacturers who produce high quality formulations for clinical use. These companies are a preferred source for over the counter supplements that are not compounded at a pharmacy. The clinic uses these companies since they voluntarily and certifiably follow cGMP standards for quality control and testing as required by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

These contracted companies provide a great low cost source for an array of nutritional supplements which can be offered to patients. In addition, the cost for nutritional supplements can also be lower when purchasing through companies dedicated to manufacturing specialty supplements, therefore the patient pays a comparable cost as found in retail nutrition stores but for a higher quality product.


Defy Medical uses CFR and HIPAA compliant software to create a safe interactive platform that allows patients to access clinical services anywhere in the world.