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Hair loss is a big deal. We can help.

Hair Loss Treatment

A woman with brown wavy hair brushes her hair while smiling because her hair loss treatment is working.

Losing hair can affect your confidence.

Luckily, there are therapies to help. It’s important to catch and treat hair loss early, so you can preserve your hair and hair follicles.

Defy Medical providers are experienced in evaluating the root cause of hair loss and developing effective treatment plans to suit the patient’s needs and lifestyle.

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Causes of Hair Loss

  • Androgenic Alopecia

    Androgenic alopecia is an inherited sensitivity to DHT that causes hair follicles to shrink, leading to thinner hair and bald patches. Androgenic alopecia is also called male- and female-patterned baldness.

  • Lifestyle Factors

    Poor diet, chronic stress, illicit drug use, and other habits can cause hair loss and hair thinning.

  • Certain Medications

    Medications that affect hormone levels can trigger hair loss. So can medications for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol.

  • Medical Conditions

    A variety of health concerns can affect hair loss and hair growth, including thyroid disease and anemia.

Hair Loss Patterns

Hair loss affects about half of men and women by the time they turn 50.

Men typically experience balding that starts at the forehead, and/or at the crown of the head.

Women typically experience hair thinning all over the head, as well as at the center part of the hair.

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A white man stares pensively in the mirror, studying his hair loss.

Hormone Testing for Hair Loss

Measuring hormone levels can identify imbalances that impact hair loss. Defy Medical uses blood testing to create a targeted treatment plan, so you see the best possible results. We also recommend general testing for conditions like heart disease and metabolic disorders, which can affect your hair.

A man with a receding hairline smiles and laughs with his female partner.

Hair Loss Treatments

Defy Medical offers many treatment options for hair loss and hair thinning. We’ll take you step-by-step through each option and help you choose the right treatment for you.

Access a broad range of affordable hair loss prescriptions (as appropriate). Hair loss prescriptions can control DHT levels and increase blood flow to hair follicles.

Platelet rich plasma is full of healing growth factors. When injected into the scalp, PRP has shown success in stimulating hair growth and follicle regeneration. Many patients see a noticeable difference in hair thickness after PRP injections.

PRP injections for hair loss work best with thinning hair. To preserve hair and hair follicles, it’s important to treat hair loss as soon as possible.

This therapy is performed in-office at our Tampa clinic.

Defy Medical: Your Integrative Medicine Experts

For more than a decade, Defy Medical has offered integrative treatments via telemedicine. Led by Medical Director Dr. Justin Saya, our experienced care team has guided thousands of patients to living happier, healthier lives – and we’re ready to help you.

With Defy Medical, you access:

Expert Care

Our experienced care team treats patients using the latest advancements in treating hair loss and hair thinning.

Convenient Telemedicine

Access virtual consultations and simple online ordering of medications.

No Subscriptions or Contracts

You control your schedule and cost decisions, and only pay for what you need.

Extended Consults if You Choose

You can book a consult to get one-on-one guidance and discuss any concerns.

Individualized Care Plans

We go deeper to get to the root causes and create a treatment plan as unique as you are.

Regular Follow-Up if Desired

Work with our providers to find the hair loss treatment that fits you best.

Access to a Wide Range of Treatment Options

We offer access to a variety of hair loss medications.

A Variety of Health Services

We also offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy, injectable nutrition, Primary Care, and more.

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