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For current and future patients.

Defy Medical COVID-19 Information

A woman in a mask smiles at the camera, adhering to COVID-19 protective measures.

Healthcare at Home

We provide telemedicine consultations and follow social distancing strategies while ensuring privacy and attention to detail. We also offer online ordering and doorstep delivery of medications through our convenient patient portal.

Defy Medical is here to help you access quality healthcare at home.

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A telehealth alternative to brick-and-mortar clinics.

Defy Medical is Accepting New Patients

In light of the pandemic, we’ve temporarily made accommodations to help patients begin their care. Whether you’re new to TRT or want to transfer your HRT care from another clinic, we’re ready to assist you.

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Temporary Policy Changes

To increase access, support social distancing, and ensure patients are able to start and maintain care, we have made the following temporary accommodations:

  • Temporary extensions (up to three months) on lab tests and physical exam requirements for current patients.
  • Early refills (up to four weeks in advance) for current patients on all orders placed going forward.
  • Patients can order up to a six-month supply of Testosterone (subject to Beyond Use Date requirements).
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Tampa Clinic COVID-19 Policies

The health of our employees and patients is our priority. We’re taking precautions to ensure a safe experience for everyone at our Tampa, FL location.

  • Masks, health screenings, and social distancing are required for staff. Masks are optional for patients.
  • Patients are asked not to bring guests or children to their appointment or walk-in visit.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use throughout the practice.
  • Our staff fully cleans and disinfects according to CDC guidelines.
A physician in a lab coat spraying his hands with hand sanitizer.

We use comprehensive blood testing to help diagnose our patients.

Lab Testing Locations

Our lab testing partners typically require masks and social distancing for the safety of patients and staff.

They may also provide hand sanitizer and other COVID measures as appropriate. Many lab locations allow for mobile check-in and the ability to wait in your car, as well.

It’s best to make an appointment at your lab testing site prior to visiting, and to contact your location directly with any questions.

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