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Join our culture of caring.

Work at Defy Medical

A customer services employee smiles as she talks into a headset in front of a computer.

Defy Medical’s focus is our patients.

Every day, we strive to improve lives by providing the best possible care – from the first phone call to the consultation to ongoing patient support. If you’re looking for a meaningful and fulfilling career, consider working at Defy Medical!

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Defy Medical Employee Benefits

Our employees make it possible for us to provide high-quality care. We offer comprehensive benefits to support them while they support our patients.

  • Competitive pay
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Paid time off and paid holidays
  • Remote work option for most positions
  • 401K with employer matching contribution
  • Basic Life Insurance up to $15,000, funded fully by Defy Medical
  • Discounts on Defy Medical services, therapies, testing, supplements, and medications (if prescribed)
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The promises we make to our patients

Key Pillars & Values

  • Integrity & Accountability

    We expect a high level of integrity and accountability from each staff member, which helps us provide the best service to our patients.

  • Patient Privacy

    Patient privacy is crucial to Defy Medical. We protect privacy at every level, and train employees to protect private information.

  • Deliver the Best Care

    We strive to deliver the best care for each patient with our services focusing on Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and integrative medicine.

  • Regular Training

    We recruit, train, and re-train physicians and support staff to ensure the highest level of service.

  • Quality Vendor Partners

    We expect the highest level of service from each pharmacy, laboratory, and vendor we use.

  • Leading-Edge Treatment

    We provide current, evidence-based diagnostic, therapeutic, and health-promoting protocols.

  • Empower Patients

    We strive to empower each patient with continued education and accessibility of resources.

“My manager is amazing and supportive and everyone on the team wants the best for each other and the company. The days go by fast because you are in a productive, enriching environment.”

—Patient Services Representative

“Defy Medical is a very close-knit, supportive environment, and management truly listens to employees and cares about their experiences. There are company-wide events and lunches, and culture- and team-building are a priority. In addition, there is an earnest focus on the patient experience and improving the lives of the people who seek care with us. If you're looking for a great working environment and a job that has a purpose, you can find that here!”

–Marketing Manager

“Being an EMT for 10 years on a box, my life was go-go-go. I was all of a sudden at a calm relaxing facility. The management was great at helping me and my schedule for my children. The pay was comparable to other agencies, which was great. The training and supervisors are always there if you need help with any questions. I feel I have made a right decision about switching and only hope to move up.”

–Medical Assistant

A male customer service representative smiles at the camera while wearing a headset.

Defy Medical Mission: C.A.R.E.S

Defy Medical’s mission is captured in the acronym C.A.R.E.S, which stands for Communicate, Advise, Review, and Ensure Satisfaction.

Our ability to communicate information effectively to both our patients and our co-workers will help us build rapport with that person and allows for fewer mistakes and misunderstandings. It is important that we take the time to listen attentively so we can communicate our knowledge effectively. Effective, direct communication can create a bond with the person we are speaking with. Our patients will benefit from clear communication and instruction so that we can provide the best medical care possible.

Our knowledge will allow us to advise patients specific to answering their questions. If we’re not sure what the correct response may be, medical providers will always advise us on the best course of action for patients and it is up to us to communicate this information to them effectively with clear and precise direction. If we’re unsure on how to handle a patient’s concern, a manager or supervisor is always available to advise on how to handle situations that may require assistance or additional follow-up.

We have found that it is imperative to always review our work before submitting, whether it be an email to a patient or a prescription to the pharmacy; therefore, we have built layers of checks and balances to review and assess the work prior to completion. As policy, we continuously review our processes and protocols to ensure we are optimizing potential and completing tasks efficiently. When change is necessary, we review that process and look at all possibilities to ensure it’s being done the best way possible. When it comes to reviewing with a patient; we maintain dialogue to ensure the patient thoroughly understands the information being relayed. We will not end the call until the patient comprehends the information provided.

At Defy Medical, we will always strive to ensure patient needs and expectations are exceeded and that provide exceptional patient care. If we make a mistake, we will identify and acknowledge the error and find solutions to the problem. Then we identify ways to avoid making the same mistake in the future. It is our responsibility to communicate effectively and provide follow up when necessary to ensure the patient is satisfied with the level of medical care and customer service they receive from us.