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How to Apply Topical Hormone Cream: Bi-Est (Estrogen)

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Topical Estrogen

Topical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a commonly used delivery system, and Bi-Estrogen cream is popular with female patients.

Bi-Estrogen (also called Bi-Est) includes two forms of estrogen:

  • Estradiol, which is the most common form of Estrogen in the body.
  • Estriol, which was shown to help address menopause symptoms when combined with Estradiol.

Read on to learn how to apply Bi-Est effectively for maximum absorption.

How to Apply Bi-Estrogen Cream

Estrogen cream is typically applied once per day unless your provider directs otherwise (always follow your provider’s instructions).

If your Bi-Est cream includes Progesterone, it’s typically best to apply in the evening. Anytime up until the hour of bedtime should work.

If your Bi-Est doesn’t contain Progesterone, you can apply in the morning or evening, depending on what works best for you.

Bi-Est application sites include:

  • The inner thighs
  • Calves
  • Abdomen
  • Intravaginally

To prevent breast sensitivity and pain, we do NOT recommend applying Bi-Est to the:

  • Breasts
  • Neck
  • Collar area

Before applying, wash and dry your hands.

If your Bi-Est cream is in a topi-click container, you can apply directly to your skin from the container. If your Estrogen cream is in a pump bottle, make sure the pump is activated and the container is distributing a full dose. If your Bi-Est is in a pre-filled syringe or packet, it’s likely measured at a full dose already (follow all pharmacy and provider instructions).

Once you’ve applied, avoid swimming, bathing or taking a shower for at least forty minutes, as this can wash away the hormone cream and interrupt absorption. Your HRT will be less effective is this happens.

You should also avoid exercising or working up a sweat for at least two hours to ensure better absorption.

How to Avoid Hormone Transference

Topical hormone creams and lotions can be transferred to others via skin-to-skin contact. Be careful not to let pets, children, and/or your partner touch the application site for at least half an hour after you apply.

To avoid transference, you should also wash your hands directly after applying your Bi-Est cream – especially if you apply your cream by hand.

It may also be a good idea to shower two hours after applying the topical hormone. This should allow for maximum absorption but remove any leftover Bi-Est cream so it doesn’t transfer to others.

Other important Bi-Est Instructions:

  • Don’t mix or layer over other hormone creams or skin lotions onto your Bi-Est cream.
  • Store your Bi-Est cream at room temperature in a dry place away from direct sunlight, and do not remove it from its original container unless applying.
  • Always be sure to follow the directions provided by your pharmacy and provider.
  • Contact your medical provider if you have any questions or concerns. Defy Medical patients can email [email protected] for prompt assistance.

The Benefits of Bi-Est Cream

As we’ve discussed, Bi-Estrogen creams contain two kinds of estrogen: Estradiol and estriol.

Estradiol is the most abundant form of Estrogen. It’s also the most active and makes up the majority of the Estrogen used by the body.

Estriol is a weaker form of Estrogen than Estradiol, but it’s shown to be effective at minimizing menopause and perimenopause symptoms in many patients.

Estradiol has a larger impact on Estrogen levels in the blood, while Estriol works to target life-derailing symptoms of hormone imbalance.  That’s why many female patients respond well to a Bi-Est cream.

Compounded Bi-Est cream can also incorporate other hormones into the formula, including Progesterone and Testosterone. This is helpful for patients who require more than one hormone. By combining medications, patients can have one simple daily application

Topical HRT with Defy Medical

Bi-Est cream is just one of the HRT delivery systems you can access with Defy Medical.

When you become a Defy Medical patient, you’ll work with expert providers who have been treating hormone imbalance for more than a decade. We’ve helped thousands of patients feel better and lead happier lives.

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