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How to Improve Testosterone Gel Absorption

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Topical Testosterone

Testosterone gel is a very popular TRT delivery system. You may also know Testosterone gel by its brand name, Androgel 1.62%.

Most absorption of Testosterone gel happens during the first 4 hours. It’s important to improve Testosterone absorption so that you have the best experience – and to avoid habits that decrease absorption.

Read on to learn how to improve Testosterone gel absorption/Androgel for maximum benefit.

How to Apply Testosterone Gel/Androgel

Apply Testosterone gel to dry, clean, and unbroken skin. Application sites are typically the:

  • Upper arms
  • Shoulders

When you apply, make sure it’s to an area that can be covered by your shirt – but wait until the gel has been absorbed and your skin is dry before putting on clothing.

If your Androgel 1.62% or Testosterone gel comes in a container with a pump, you can apply using your hands. If it comes in a Topi-Click container, you can apply directly from the container to avoid losing any of the medication. (Keep reading to learn more in-depth dispensing instructions for better Testosterone absorption).

Depending on your dosage, you may need to apply to one or both shoulders or arms. Your medication should come with detailed instructions about this.

Once you’ve finished applying, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

It’s typically NOT recommended to apply Testosterone gel to the:

  • Chest
  • Armpits
  • Knees
  • Genitals
  • Abdomen

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move onto ways that you can improve Testosterone absorption.

Showering and Testosterone Gel/Androgel Absorption

Showering shortly after applying Testosterone gel can lead to less Testosterone absorption. Once you apply Androgel, it’s typically recommended that you wait at least 2 hours before showering, swimming, or coming into contact with water.

The Research: In a study, men were asked to apply Androgel 1.62% to the skin of their upper arms and shoulders for seven days. On the seventh day, participants were asked to shower two, six, or 10 hours after their application.

The study found that showering 2 hours or longer after application did not significantly impact bioavailability (the amount of medication that reaches the bloodstream to be used by the body).

For maximum absorption, you may want to apply in the morning and shower in the evenings, or apply after your morning shower. However, showering two hours after applying can help you avoid transferring the Testosterone gel to others via skin-to-skin contact.

Choosing when to shower will likely depend on lifestyle factors such as whether you have children and want to avoid transference. As long as your shower is at least two hours after application, it shouldn’t meaningfully affect Testosterone absorption rates.

Sunscreen or Lotion and Testosterone Gel/Androgel Absorption

Applying sunscreen or lotion to your application site an hour after applying Testosterone gel may help increase Testosterone absorption.

Research: In a study, participants were asked to apply moisturizing lotion or sunscreen to their application site one hour after applying Androgel. The application of lotion or sunscreen increased Testosterone absorption rates.

Moisturizing lotion seemed to improve absorption rates slightly more than sunscreen, but sunscreen has protective sun-shielding benefits.

Dispensing Your Testosterone Gel/Androgel

Testosterone gel usually comes in a canister with a pump, or else in something called a Topi-Click container. Both containers are designed to administer a specific dose of medication with each press or twist.

When you start a new container, you’ll want to make sure the medication is dispensing its full dose.

If your medication has a pump, you can set the canister in an upright position and press a few times. This pulls the medication into the pump so it administers a full dose.

If your medication is in a Topi-Click container, turn the base of the container until it successfully dispenses medication and you hear the right number of clicks. Apply the medication directly to your skin from the container. More instructions on using Topi-Click containers.

Prior to administering your dose, check your pharmacy instructions to understand how many pumps or clicks of medication to apply. It’s very important to apply the proper dose. Depending on your dosage, you may use one to four pumps/clicks of medication.

If you are instructed to use more than one pump/click, you might need to apply the gel to multiple application sites.  Be sure to follow ALL directions from your pharmacy and medical provider.

Storing Your Testosterone Gel/Androgel

Exposure to cold, heat, or light may cause the medication to be less effective, so it’s important to store your Testosterone gel correctly.

Androgel/Testosterone gel should be stored at temperatures between 68°-77°F. Keep your medication in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid leaving your medication in places that lack air conditioning or heat, such as the car or the mailbox.

Once you are finished with a Testosterone gel container, throw it away securely so loved ones (especially children) don’t accidentally come into contact with the medication.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy at Defy Medical

Testosterone gel is just one of the many options Defy Medical offers for TRT. Topical Testosterone has a lot of benefits and can sufficiently boost T levels when applied correctly. Be sure to follow the steps above so you get the best absorption rates and results.

Haven’t started TRT yet, or looking to switch to a clinic with expertise in Men’s Health?

 Defy Medical has been offering Testosterone Replacement Therapy online via telemedicine for more than a decade. Our care team is current on the latest advancements in TRT and provides individualized plans designed around our patients’ needs.

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