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Feel Better with BHRT Therapy



Women's Health Overview


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Feel Better with BHRT Therapy
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BHRT Therapy for Women

As many as 75% of women experience hormone imbalance, and the symptoms can interrupt daily activities and decrease quality of life.

 If you have a hormone imbalance, you may be experiencing:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Lowered libido and lack of sex drive
  • Vaginal dryness or discomfort
  • Mood swings and difficulty regulating emotion
  • Changes in body composition and an increase in fat gain, particularly around the middle.

These imbalances can occur due to perimenopause or menopause – and they can also occur in women of all ages due to medical conditions, certain medications, and other causes.

If this sounds like you, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be able to help.

We know the severe negative impact hormone imbalance can cause. BHRT therapy works to restore hormones to optimal levels, so you can find your zest for life again. Our BHRT program provides access to expert medical care, continued support through telemedicine, and high quality and affordable medication conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

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What is BHRT Therapy?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) helps optimize your hormone levels to relieve the frustrating symptoms of hormone imbalance. 

A hormone imbalance occurs when the human body slows or completely stops producing specific hormones. BHRT uses biologically identical hormones to replenish your levels, which can help you regain your energy, excitement for life, and desire for intimacy. 

Estradiol and Progesterone are the most common female hormones supplemented by BHRT therapy. Other common hormones are DHEA, Testosterone, and Pregnenolone. BHRT therapy comes in many forms, as well, which are called delivery systems. These include capsules, creams, suppositories, sublingual tablets, and subcutaneous pellets.

Defy Medical works with you to develop an individualized protocol based on your needs using the wide range of BHRT therapy options available, so you can reach hormonal balance. 

See Your BHRT Options
BHRT for women
Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for Women

While it's considered a "male" hormone, women's bodies produce Testosterone, as well, and it's often included in a comprehensive hormone restoration protocol.

Testosterone deficiencies in women are underdiagnosed but can cause life-interrupting symptoms like sexual dysfunction, anxiety, weight gain and difficulty losing weight, and more.

We offer several types of Testosterone to help you find the one that works for you. These include topical application through creams and gels, implantable pellets, injections, and more. 

Learn more about TRT for Women
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Hormone Replacement to Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Hormone deficiencies can cause sexual health issues that affect the quality of intimacy for both men and women. We can treat female sexual health symptoms with safe, effective hormone replacement options for hormones like estradiol, estriol, and DHEA.

We also offer supplemental sexual health medication like Oxytocin, libido creams, Bremelanotide, and more to help provide symptom relief. Regain your sex drive and intimacy with hormone restoration. 

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More Women's Health Services

Defy Medical offers an integrative approach to health care so we treat the whole patient, not just one or two disconnected symptoms. Hormonal balance is one part of the equation, but you may require more than one therapy to find symptom relief and to boost the quality of your life.

We'll work with you to develop an individualized plan that may include a combination of hormone restoration and other treatments.

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How to Get Started With Defy Medical

All new patients begin with a comprehensive evaluation that includes blood tests, a consultation, and an individualized treatment plan built for your needs. Our initial consultation allows for up to an hour with the medical provider who will discuss all test results, conditions, and goals. 

Speak to a Patient Advocate
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Connect to a Defy Medical Patient Advocate. The first step is to contact our Patient Advocate team to discuss your unique situation, goals, and needs for hormone restoration. They will help you access your comprehensive labs and collect all the necessary documentation to become a patient. Contact a Patient Advocate Now. 

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Get your comprehensive lab testing. This labwork help us understand your hormone levels and overall health. Depending on your symptoms, your Patient Advocate may recommend other tests for you, including additional thyroid testing and others as appropriate. Comprehensive testing is key to making sure your protocol meets your needs and delivers effective results. 

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • CBC
  • Lipid Panel
  • Testosterone Free and Total
  • Estradiol
  • DHEA-S
  • TSH
  • FSH
  • Progesterone
  • IGF-1
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Send us a Physical Examination (PE). In order to become a patient, we will need to receive a PE that is recent (within the last 90 days). 

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Consult with a knowledgeable and compassionate Defy Medical provider. This consultation will last up to an hour and will give you an opportunity to talk in-depth about your symptoms and lab results, plus ask any questions about hormone restoration and other treatments as appropriate. Your provider is here to listen to you and help create an individualized plan designed just for your needs as a patient. 

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Order your medications through our convenient online Patient Portal. You can order any prescribed medications easily online and have them shipped directly to your door — no face-to-face contact needed. Have questions while placing your order? Our Patient Support team will be available via phone, email, or chat to help you. 

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Follow-up labs and consultations. We check in with you regularly to make sure your hormone restoration is working and you're feeling better, and to make any adjustments as needed. 

Why Choose Defy Medical

Defy Medical is a concierge clinic specializing in hormone restoration and wellness. We have offered convenient telemedicine care for almost a decade and pride ourselves on listening to our patients and responding to their individual needs. We have helped more than 15,000 patients reach their wellness goals and live happier, healthier lives — and we're excited to do the same for you. 

At Defy Medical, we offer: 


A team of expert physicians skilled in the latest protocols.


Access to care not typically covered by insurance at predictable costs – no insurance-related surprises. 


Convenient telemedicine consultations.


An online Patient Portal to help you easily manage your care and order your medications.


Access to compounded bioidentical hormones made by trusted compounding pharmacies that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


Medications and supplies delivered to your door.


Outstanding customer service and support via email, telephone, and chat. 

Comprehensive Care you Can Count On

Frustrated with providers who don’t listen to you or strive to meet your needs? Feeling a decline in your overall health and zest for life and struggling to find solutions? Learn about Dr. Justin Saya's approach to hormone restoration in women to see how we can help you. Dr. Saya is Defy Medical's Lead Practicing Physician and Medical Director. 

Are You An International Patient?
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Options for patients who reside outside of the U.S.

If you live in the United Kingdom, Canada, or another country outside of the U.S. and you're looking for guidance on Women's Health and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – Defy Medical can help you. Our International Consultations allow you to talk with an expert to receive informed recommendations on care

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