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A man searches does Trimix increase size on his laptop.

Trimix is a penile injection that can trigger powerful erections in as little as 5-20 minutes.

While Trimix is a potent treatment for erectile dysfunction, it does not have any proven effect on penis size. We’ll go over the ingredients included in Trimix, their effects, and alternative therapies that help improve size and function.

What is in Trimix?

Trimix includes three main ingredients:

  • Phentolamine, which is an alpha blocker that increases blood flow into the penis for improved erections.
  • Prostaglandin, which dilates the smooth muscles to assist in blood flow.
  • Papaverine, which is another vasodilator that relaxes smooth muscle for greater blood flow.

These ingredients work together to encourage strong erections that last the duration of intercourse in most patients.

While Phentolamine, Prostaglandin and Papaverine are typically very successful in treating erectile dysfunction, they don’t show benefit in permanently increasing the size and girth of the penis.

Why Doesn’t Trimix Increase Size?

Men achieve erections when blood vessels expand to increase blood flow into the penis. Then the veins responsible for removing that blood collapse, temporarily locking the blood into the penis for a sustained erection.

Trimix is designed to relax smooth muscle and improve blood flow in men who struggle with low libido and erectile dysfunction.

This effect is not permanent, and blood vessels will return to their original state after the medication has worn off. If an erection does last longer than four hours, it’s considered a medical emergency called priapism. Men who experience priapism should visit an emergency healthcare provider immediately.

Because Trimix doesn’t physically change the penis, it doesn’t have a lasting impact on size.

Does Super Trimix Increase Penis Size?

There are other formulas of Trimix, including Super Trimix, Bimix, Super Bimix, and Quadmix.

These formulas have varying dosages of the three key ingredients, plus add or take away ingredients based on a patient’s individual needs.

None of these formulas has demonstrated the ability to improve size.

Is Trimix the Same as a P-Shot?

Trimix and the P-shot are both penile injections, but they are not the same treatment.

As we’ve discussed, Trimix is a blend of vasodilators that help improve blood flow for powerful erections in just a few minutes (on average).

The P-shot is a name sometimes given to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections delivered into the penile area. These shots show promise in healing damaged blood vessels and encouraging tissue growth for men with erectile dysfunction.

PRP is created from the patient’s own blood. Once drawn, the blood is placed in a centrifuge and separated to create a concentrated mix of healing and growth factors.

When these factors are injected into the body, they can deliver greater concentrations of the body’s own healing properties to help ease ED symptoms.

Defy Medical offers PRP injections for erectile dysfunction at our clinic in Tampa, FL.

Does the P-Shot Increase Girth?

PRP injections into the penis aim to treat ED, but they do not impact size.

Defy Medical offers additional procedures that patients often do alongside PRP injections to make the penis appear larger.


Phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholate (PCDC) injections are delivered into the fat pad above the penis. These medications dissolve fat within the fat pad to flatten the pubic area and expose more of the penis to make it appear larger.

Phosphatidylcholine is a form of choline, which is found naturally in foods like eggs, soybeans, mustard, and others. Phosphatidylcholine encourages fat-burning.

Deoxycholate is a substance that breaks down fat and helps the body absorb it as energy.

Corona FIller

Another procedure patients can add onto their PRP injections is Corona Filler.

In this procedure, a cosmetic filler made of hyaluronic acid is injected into the band of the penis. The result is more girth and a larger appearance.

This procedure is widely regarded as safe and relatively painless. Results are not permanent but typically last up to a year. Patients can also repeat the procedure to maintain size over time.

Trimix and PRP Injections are Available at Defy Medical

Defy Medical offers access to innovative ED therapies like Trimix and PRP injections. These treatments assist with sexual function but do not impact size.

Defy Medical also offers PCDC injections and Corona Filler for men who want to increase their size and girth.

PRP injections, PCDC shots, and Corona Fillers can be performed during one procedure at our clinic in Tampa, FL. Trimix and its other formulations can be ordered easily online from Defy Medical after a consult to ensure the medication is right for you.

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