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Applying Topical Hormone Cream: Bi-Est (Estrogen)

Dec 1, 2019

First, wash your hands with soap and water

How to Apply: estrogen cream should be applied once per day unless otherwise instructed by your physician. If your Bi-Est also contains progesterone, it is best to apply in the evening. Anytime up until the hour of bedtime is a good time.

Where to Apply: estrogen may be applied vaginally, or to your inner thighs, calf, or abdomen

**Please note: In order to prevent breast sensitivity and pain, do not apply estrogen anywhere on or near the breast. We advise to not apply estrogens to the chest area and neck.

Always Remember

  • Limit your contact with other people or animals for 30min after applying estrogen cream. It is possible to transfer transdermal hormones to others if it is not fully absorbed.
  • Wash hands immediately after applying estrogen cream
  • Do not mix or layer over other hormone creams or skin lotions
  • Do not bathe or shower for 40min after applying cream
  • Do not exercise or promote sweating for 2 hours after application
  • Always be sure to follow the directions provided by your pharmacy and physician.

Please contact our medical office if you have any questions. 

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