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Medication and Injection Instructions for Penis Injections
Important Directions for Trimix Injections
  1. Start small with your dosage. For Bimix, Trimix and Quadmix, we recommend starting at 0.05 ml (1/20th of a milliliter) and increasing slowly until an erection is sustained. It is much better to require an additional injection than to take too much and require medical care for priapism.

  2. To prevent damage to the penis, Defy Medical requires patients to use only a 29-gauge ½ inch needle when using Trimix. Using a smaller needle increases the risk of bending the needle during injection, which will damage the tissue over time. A shorter needle will not deposit the medication deeply enough, which is why a ½ inch length is recommended.

  3. Please review ALL of the following prior to use:



Follow medication instructions and use Trimix carefully.

Intracavernous Injection Therapies (ICP) have changed the lives of many men who previously suffered from severe erectile dysfunction. Many of these men had little or no response to commonly prescribed PDE5 medications like Viagra and Cialis. ICP medications can be used to produce a very strong erection which can last the entire duration of sexual activity.

If you have been prescribed Trimix or any other ICP medication, it is important to read all of the information prior to using. These medications are very powerful and, if not used correctly, they can lead to prolonged erection (severe priapism) resulting in permanent damage to the penis.

If you follow your doctor’s instructions and understand the information above, then Trimix and ICP medications are very safe to use.

All Defy Medical patients prescribed Trimix and similar ICP medications will be given unlimited medical support and assistance with the administration of your medication. Our medical director and team want to ensure safety for every patient under our care. Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic for assistance with your medication.