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What Happens When You Stop HRT Abruptly?

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You May Experience Side Effects When You Stop HRT

Wondering how your body would react if you discontinued HRT? This article includes some of the side effects and symptoms you may experience.

Potential side effects of stopping HRT cold turkey depend on the type of hormone or hormones you were prescribed, and the conditions they were treating. The hormone deficiency symptoms that caused you to seek HRT will likely return when you stop your protocol.

In addition, men may experience difficulty restarting their HPTA Axis, which is crucial for the production of natural Testosterone.

Common Side Effects in Men and Women

  • Depression and other mood changes including anxiety
  • Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido (men)
  • Vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse (women)
  • Poor body composition with weight and fat gain
  • Changes in sleep patterns and insomnia
  • Loss of strength, muscle mass, and energy
  • Hot flashes
  • Temperature sensitivity

If you stop HRT cold turkey, you may experience increased anxiety, depression, and changes in mood. Women who discontinue Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) will likely experience a return of menopausal symptoms, as well. There are additional risks for stopping thyroid hormone replacement therapy and other critical replacement protocols.

What to Do if You Need to Stop HRT

If you absolutely must stop hormone therapy, Defy Medical has specific protocols in place to help our patients do so.

We can provide treatment support and expert guidance to make your transition safer and more comfortable. If you’re a patient of Defy Medical, we encourage you to speak to our patient support team so that we can help you discontinue properly.

Learn About Restarting Your HPTA Axis

Access Telemedicine with Defy Medical

Defy Medical’s telemedicine service and online patient portal ( allow you to order prescriptions, request refills, speak to a provider, and access care without leaving home.

Through our partnerships with compounding pharmacies, we’re able to deliver medications straight to your door, no face-to-face contact needed.

We are committed to helping you focus on your health and wellbeing – which includes providing uninterrupted access to the HRT medications you need.

HRT with Defy Medical

Defy Medical is a concierge clinic with over ten years of experience specializing in hormone restoration, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and other integrative wellness therapies.

We offer provider-guided protocols to help you through stopping your HRT, so you experience minimal side effects.

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