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Testosterone Cypionate Storage Warning

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Testosterone Cypionate Crystalization

If your prescription is left in low temperatures, it’s possible your Testosterone cypionate may have separated.

Because of Testosterone cypionate’s high concentration, it is susceptible to something called crystallization when it is left outside of the recommended Testosterone storage temperature range (68° – 77°F).

If your Testosterone cypionate has crystalized, it will likely be opaque or cloudy and contain small, needle-shaped crystals.

Injecting the separated testosterone may result in pain and swelling at the injection site. These symptoms could persist until the Testosterone is completely absorbed from the site. This problem affects all volumes of Testosterone cypionate.

It’s best to follow the process of re-dissolving the Testosterone if your Testosterone cypionate has been exposed to temperatures below the recommended Testosterone storage temperature range.

Follow these instructions to re-dissolve your Testosterone cypionate:

  1. Enclose your Testosterone in a Ziploc bag and seal it tightly to avoid water coming into contact with the rubber stopper.
  2. Place the vial into 16 ounces of hot water, heated to 100° – 110°F. Make sure the vial is fully submerged.
  3. Allow the vial to sit for at least fifteen minutes. Your Testosterone cypionate may require longer depending on the level of crystallization.
  4. Swirl the vial to help re-dissolve the Testosterone.
  5. Keep the vial submerged until all the crystals have dissolved. Check your Testosterone carefully to make sure it has fully dissolved.
  6. If you have followed this process and your Testosterone did not return to a clear solution, it should be discarded.

Does Heat Affect Testosterone Cypionate?

Temperatures above the recommended Testosterone storage temperature range (over 77°F) can harm your Testosterone cypionate.

Heat does not cause crystallization, because crystallization occurs when Testosterone Cypionate becomes too cold. But over time high temperatures can degrade the Testosterone, the cypionate ester, and/or the carrier oil – all of which can reduce the Testosterone’s effectiveness.

Environments where a Testosterone Cypionate vial may be exposed to heat include:

  • Left overnight in your mailbox or on your porch during the summer.
  • Accidentally left in the car, especially during the hotter months when temperatures are around 80 to 100°F and cars can reach 130 to 170°F within an hour or two.

High temperatures also create a breeding ground for bacteria, which may make your Testosterone Cypionate and any materials used to inject it (such as syringes and alcohol wipes) unsafe.

If your Testosterone Cypionate has been left in heat that is beyond the recommended Testosterone storage temperature for a long period of time, we recommend contacting your medical provider and/or pharmacist to discuss ordering a replacement and disposing of the exposed bottle.

Note: If your vial has crystalized, it is safe to heat your Testosterone Cypionate as described in the section above for the short period of time listed. This will not damage the Testosterone Cypionate or the carrier oil.

Can Testosterone Cypionate Be Exposed to Light?

Testosterone Cypionate should be stored away from light in a dark, cool place. Ultraviolet light (natural sunlight) can speed up a process called pharmaceutical degradation. This means that the medication begins to degrade and change its chemical makeup, which can make it ineffective.

One chemical process of degradation is called oxidation, which is when a medication’s chemical structure changes due to the addition of oxygen. Light causes the oxidation process to speed up.

Light can also cause the onset of hydrolysis, which is a similar chemical change as oxidation except with the addition of water molecules.

Testosterone Cypionate comes in an amber glass vial to prevent UV light exposure, but it should also be stored in a dark place for additional protection.

Your Testosterone Cypionate vial will be delivered to your door in packaging that protects it from light. It should be removed from its packaging and placed into a designated medicine cabinet or drawer, so it is kept out of direct light.

What is Testosterone Cypionate?

You may be wondering what Testosterone Cypionate is and why it is susceptible to crystallization along with other exposure issues.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone (also called an androgen) that is responsible for many functions throughout the body. These include:

  • Maintaining body composition
  • Encouraging muscle growth
  • Regulating mood
  • Supporting libido and sex drive
  • Assisting with healthy sexual function

Many men and women experience a Testosterone deficiency that can lead to sexual dysfunction, decreased quality of life, and other Testosterone deficiency symptoms. Low T can occur for many reasons, but the most common is a result of decreased Testosterone production due to aging.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a treatment that replenishes Testosterone levels to ease deficiency symptoms and optimize hormone levels for a better quality of life.

Testosterone Cypionate is an injectable form of Testosterone that includes a Cypionate ester. Esters are chains composed of Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen that bind to the Testosterone, essentially making it take longer to break down in the body – thus creating a timed release.

Testosterone esters are important because without them, the body would metabolize the Testosterone very quickly, causing a spike in Testosterone levels followed by a steep drop-off. This would lead to uncomfortable hormone fluctuation symptoms.

Testosterone Cypionate is a longer-acting ester, metabolizing in about 7-8 days, which makes it ideal for many patients. It is commonly used in TRT protocols and is typically injected weekly.

Because of Testosterone Cypionate’s chemical makeup and concentration, it is susceptible to degradation or crystallization when exposed to temperatures outside of the recommended Testosterone storage temperature range of 68° – 77°F. It is also sensitive to chemical degradation from exposure to UV light.

It’s important to store Testosterone Cypionate as recommended to avoid crystallization and degradation, and to follow the instructions listed in this article if your Testosterone Cypionate vial is exposed to any of these elements.

Depending on the type of exposure, your injection may be painful, or your medication may no longer work effectively, which can negatively impact your TRT protocol and cause your hormone deficiency symptoms to return.

If you are a patient at Defy Medical, you can contact Patient Services at 813-445-7342 or [email protected] to discuss any concerns you may have about medication exposure. We’re happy to help support you.

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