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Defy Medical Provides HRT in Oregon

As a telemedicine clinic specializing in Men’s Health and Women’s Health, Defy Medical offers HRT in Oregon as well as most states through the U.S.


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Treating Low Testosterone in Oregon via Innovative Telehealth

Defy Medical has been a telemedicine clinic for nearly a decade, providing TRT, hormone restoration, wellness and holistic care to patients across the country.

As many clinics rushed to launch telemedicine platforms in the wake of the global pandemic, Defy Medical already had the systems in place to offer efficient, secure, and convenient telemedicine to patients on a TRT protocol in Oregon and across the country.

Patients who visit an in-person TRT clinic in Oregon have also switched to our convenient telemedicine care to avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact. We offer weekend appointments and extended hours during the week, as well, to fit into our patients’ busy schedules.

Complete Care with Defy Medical in Oregon

We provide many patients with TRT in Oregon – and our patients also receive services like Primary Care, Peptide Therapy, Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy, Injectable Nutrition and Supplementation, Weight Management and more. Once you become a patient at Defy Medical, we can become your comprehensive health care solution for wellness and preventative care.

Services include:

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy – We provide individualized protocols based on the patient’s specific needs, levels, and overall goals for TRT. Our providers have been helping patients restore and optimize their Testosterone levels for almost ten years.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women – Women of all ages can experience one or several hormone deficiencies, including Testosterone, Estrogen, and more. We treat female patients with specialized BHRT protocols to help them feel better.
  • Weight Management – Managing your weight effectively is a key step in preventative wellness. We offer physician-guided weight management and fat loss plans with supplemental medication as appropriate.
  • Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy – Thyroid conditions are underdiagnosed and can lead to many life-disrupting symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, decreased energy and metabolism, and more. Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy can bring thyroid hormone levels up to the correct ranges and help reverse these symptoms.
  • Injectable Nutrition and Supplementation – Most modern diets don’t provide enough of the nutrients required by the human body. Supplementation can help correct this deficiency, which can in turn have many positive health effects. Injectable nutrition has the added benefit of not losing any of the nutrient to the digestive tract, since it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream.
  • Peptide Therapy – Peptides perform many functions throughout the body and can have different benefits depending on the peptide. This type of therapy often focuses on improving levels of Human Growth Hormone within the body, which is thought to have many positive effects.
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