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HCG For Men

Defy Medical’s HCG Access Program
HCG For Men
Defy Medical’s HCG Access Program
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If you’re on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and you’re worried about shrinking testicles or maintaining fertility – a prescription for HCG may be right for you.

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone used to preserve fertility and increase testicular volume in men taking TRT. HCG is also used to increase testosterone in men with a certain type of hypogonadism. Men taking TRT protocol can take HCG to help support the testicles, which can prevent unwanted symptoms like testicular shrinkage and testicular atrophy.  HCG also offers an option for men taking TRT who want to preserve fertility. 

Because HCG has been stigmatized due to its use in bodybuilding and weight loss, some physicians are reluctant to prescribe it to patients on TRT. 

That’s why Defy Medical has an HCG Access Program available via telemedicine for qualifying men across the country who need access to HCG injections for the purpose of avoiding shrinkage and/or maintaining fertility.

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Asking yourself these questions about HCG for men?
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  • How can I access HCG if my doctor won’t prescribe it?
  • Is there an expert I can consult with about HCG for men, since my primary doctor can’t or won’t answer my questions?
  • Is there a telemedicine option available for TRT and HCG for men?
  • My doctor did prescribe HCG, but brand-name prescriptions are too expensive – is there an alternative?

Defy Medical can help you.

HCG as part of your TRT protocol with Defy Medical.

Many Defy Medical patients find HCG injections to be a useful auxiliary medication to their TRT protocol, because it helps them avoid symptoms like testicular atrophy, low semen volume and testicular shrinkage. HCG can also help men maintain their fertility while on TRT, which is important for men who are trying to start a family.

As a patient at Defy Medical, you have access to expertly guided testosterone therapies and evidence-based treatments like HCG. We are a national concierge clinic specializing in Men’s Health and Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and our experienced providers work with men every day to help them reach optimal testosterone and hormone levels so they can live better, healthier lives.

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HCG as an addition to your care with another provider.
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If you’re on a TRT protocol with another clinic or provider who doesn’t prescribe HCG, you can consult with Defy Medical’s expert team and receive a prescription if you qualify for the treatment. We can provide secondary care to help support your overall wellness.

If you have a prescription for HCG but find it to be cost-prohibitive, switching your care to Defy Medical can help. Through our partnership with specialty pharmacies, we’re able to offer HCG at affordable prices. 

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How much does HCG cost?

Through our partnership with specialty pharmacies, we’re able connect you to less expensive HCG injections. The average cost for HCG with Defy Medical is $40 per month, which includes medication and supplies.*

As a concierge clinic, we can bring you consistent and competitive pricing for our expert consultations.  Defy patients also have access to cost savings through special pricing on blood panels using one of our nationally accredited laboratory services. Blood testing is crucial in helping us understand the full picture of your health, so we can recommend appropriate treatments.

To learn more about HCG cost with Defy Medical, speak to a Patient Advocate.

*Price excludes consultation and labwork costs.

How does HCG for men work at Defy Medical?

To get started with our HCG Access Program, complete the following steps:

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Call 813-445-7342 or fill out our form to speak to a Patient Advocate.

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Work with your Patient Advocate to fill out your new patient paperwork, set up your blood testing appointment, and gather the necessary documentation.  This treatment requires a recent Physical Exam (within 60 days) and a blood panel so that your Defy Medical provider can get a full picture of your health.

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Attend your Initial Consultation via telemedicine. Your consultation will be up to one full hour with an experienced medical provider, who will go over your lab results, discuss your goals as a patient, and answer any questions or concerns you have.

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If treatment is prescribed, you’ll receive access to affordable medications including HCG through our convenient online portal, with prescriptions shipped directly to your door.

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Perform follow-up appointments and lab testing as necessary to stay dialed into your protocol.

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HCG and TRT: Why use HCG while on a TRT protocol?
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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, abbreviated as HCG, is a naturally occurring hormone found in both men and women. HCG performs many different functions throughout the body.

HCG for men mimics the effects of Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which stimulates the testicles to release testosterone. HCG can be supplemented for many different reasons, including as a treatment for hypogonadism and low sperm count. 

For men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), HCG injections are often prescribed to combat the testicular shrinkage that can occur as a result of a TRT protocol. In this way, TRT and HCG injections can work together to provide a synergistic treatment plan.

The reason men on TRT can experience testicular atrophy is because the body recognizes that it’s receiving testosterone from an external source, so it shuts down its own natural production. This is a normal biological reaction that occurs with many different medications and supplements. When the testes stop producing testosterone, they typically go dormant, which can lead to testicular shrinkage and testicular atrophy. 

When you supplement with the HCG hormone, the testes are stimulated to continue producing testosterone, which means they do not go dormant.

This is also helpful if you ever plan to stop your TRT protocol, because your testes will still be active and producing testosterone (though you will likely experience a return of the low-T symptoms that made you start TRT in the first place).

HCG for Fertility in Men
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Maintaining fertility while on TRT.

If you're looking to start a family while on a TRT protocol, supplementing with HCG can help you maintain fertility. Because exogenous testosterone can reduce fertility in many men who begin a TRT protocol, it's important to consider your fertility options. 

Learn more about HGG for Fertility

How to Mix and Inject HCG

Learn how to reconstitute and safely inject Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).