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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Online

from Men's Health experts



Men's Health


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Online
from Men's Health experts
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Are symptoms of Testosterone deficiency disrupting your life? Testosterone Replacement Therapy Online (TRT) can help.

Symptoms of low Testosterone can include:

  • Erectile dysfunction and loss of libido (sex drive)
  • Decreased strength and stamina
  • Reduced exercise recovery
  • Fat gain and change in body composition
  • Fatigue
  • Mood issues and irritability
  • Depression and/or anxiety

If this sounds familiar, you don’t have to suffer in silence.

TRT is an ongoing treatment that replenishes Testosterone levels to relieve symptoms long term. With Defy Medical, you receive expert care from providers who are experienced in Men’s Health and TRT, plus access Testosterone Replacement Therapy online via telemedicine. 

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Wondering if You Have Low Testosterone?
Low T ADAM Questionnaire

This quick questionnaire can tell you if you’re a potential TRT candidate. Just answer some simple questions about your symptoms. 

Take the A.D.A.M. Test Now


*Blood testing is the definitive way to diagnose low T (hypogonadism). This test is meant to provide guidance on whether to pursue treatment. It is not intended to replace a consultation with a healthcare professional and should not be considered medical advice. 

Your TRT Options

There are many options for Testosterone Replacement Therapy online. Defy Medical creates an individualized plan for each patient based on their goals, comfort level, and blood test results.

Injectable Testosterone
Testosterone injections are one of the most effective and widely used forms of Testosterone. They allow for careful control of hormone levels. Learn More. 

Topical Testosterone
Testosterone can be absorbed through the skin using topical lotions and gels. Learn More.

Testosterone Pellets
Pellets are implanted under the skin to deliver a steady dose of hormones over time. Learn More. 

Testosterone Nasal Gel
This gel delivers Testosterone via the nose. It can be combined with other therapies for a Testosterone boost. Learn More. 

Supplemental Medications
We offer access to supplemental medication that can help balance Estrogen (aromatase inhibitors) while on TRT. Defy Medical patients can also access medications designed to help with testicular health, fertility, sex drive, and more. 

ED Treatment
TRT often successfully treats erectile dysfunction, but we also provide access to well-known and effective ED medications like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Trimix, and more. Learn More. 

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Expert Care from Defy Medical
Delivered with convenience in mind.

Once you become a Defy Medical patient, you gain access to an expert care team and Patient Support staff who care about you. You also have access to telemedicine appointments, a convenient Patient Portal, online ordering, and doorstep delivery of medications.

Defy Medical has been offering telehealth services for almost a decade, and we have the systems in place to provide you with excellent, convenient care directly to the comfort of your home. 

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Access to expert physicians and current protocols
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With telemedicine care, there's no time lost to travel or waiting rooms
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Affordable prices for physician-guided services that are typically not covered by insurance
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Outstanding patient service and support
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A convenient patient portal that delivers a full service TRT program to your home
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Medications delivered to your door
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A clinic team who cares

Ready to Get Started? Here's How.

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Speak with a Patient Advocate. Your advocate will discuss your goals for treatment and answer any questions, plus help with the initial patient requirements.

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Comprehensive blood testing. This panel is crucial to understanding your hormone levels and overall health, so your provider can make an individualized protocol just for you. You'll also provide a recent Physical. 

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Attend your initial consultation. Your telemedicine consultation will last up to one hour. Your provider will go over your labwork, answer your questions, and recommend a treatment plan tailored to you.

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Log in to the Patient Portal and order medications. If treatment is prescribed, you'll be able to order them through our convenient online portal, with prescriptions shipped directly to your door.

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Attend follow-up consultations. Regular follow-up labwork and consultations make sure you stay dialed in and optimized over time.

A Comprehensive Testosterone Replacement Approach

Dr. Justin Saya is Defy Medical's Lead Practicing Physician and Medical Director, and he is an expert in the field of preventative care and hormone restoration. Listen to his comprehensive TRT approach. 

Are You An International Patient?
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Options for patients who reside outside of the U.S.

If you live in the United Kingdom, Canada, or another country outside of the U.S. and you're looking for guidance on sexual dysfunction and Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Defy Medical can help you. Our International Consultations allow you to talk with an expert to receive informed recommendations on care.

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