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Why Does Defy Require Routine Lab Work?

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Photo of lab technician analyzing bloodwork

Why do I need lab work?

One of the purposes behind drawing blood for analysis is to provide our physician a means to compare how you are responding to therapy with your hormone blood levels and other important indicators of your health.  This information allows Dr. Saya to make appropriate adjustments to your regimen that not only improve how you are feeling but minimize any side effects and risks with treatment. The laboratory analysis of your blood will also provide a comparison with initial blood work and provide data that will aid in the development of your treatment plan.

Who is required to have lab work?

Any patient who is on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or testosterone restoration therapy (TRT).

How often are labs required?

Each patient at Defy Medical starts with a comprehensive blood analysis prior to beginning therapy.  The first follow up is required 90 days after starting therapy.  Once this review is complete, follow-up labs will be required twice per year, unless additional labs are requested by Dr Saya or the patient.  In some cases, certain conditions or diseases may require additional monitoring where more blood work is required.

What labs am I receiving?

This depends on factors such as the patient’s sex, type of therapy, and medications being prescribed.  Typically our standard follow-up lab panel includes analysis of kidney, liver, and other organ function through a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP-14).  We also look at red and white blood cells; immune function; Lipids; diabetes risk; and nutritional deficiencies.  Lastly, we look at key hormones such as testosterone, thyroid and pituitary function (growth hormone), Adrenal gland function, estrogens, and other sex hormones.  We also have additional testing available by request, such as vitamin D3 and our cardiovascular risk panel.  Follow up labs are customized to each patient depending on what program we are monitoring.

Where are the labs drawn?

All blood is drawn at Defy Medical in Tampa, FL, or at a one of the Labcorp locations across the US.

Will insurance cover my labs?

Although Defy Medical does not accept insurance, in some cases insurance does cover labs.  Please let us know if you would like us to check your coverage.  We also provide Claim Assistance by completing the necessary paperwork needed to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.  Claim Assistance does not guarantee reimbursement; this will be determined by your insurance company.

How do I schedule my lab follow up?

Patient Portal: You may order and schedule your lab work by logging into your patient portal and following the instructions for ordering lab work.  If you have not been registered for the new online patient portal, please let any of our staff know and we will assist you in the process. 
Email: Send your lab request to:  [email protected]
Phone:  Call our main number at 813-445-7342 and any of our staff can assist you with your lab order. 
Fax: Send your lab order request to 813-445-7340

Labs will tell us what is happening in your blood, we need you to tell us what is happening to you.  How do you feel today?  Are you experiencing any symptoms which you would like Dr. Saya to address?    As usual, you are welcome to call us at our office to schedule a consultation anytime.  Our goal is to provide all patients with optimal service and medical care.  If you need assistance or would like to speak with Dr. Saya regarding your treatment, please let us know.