I just wanted to post a quick review about how pleased I was with my consult with Nurse Jill at Defy Medical. I know a lot of guys can be nervous about discussing issues with someone of the opposite sex, but she is very knowledgeable, and you can tell she really cares of about men's health. Thank you again! -Michael, Knoxville, TN

In December 2014, I began to seek information on the internet about how to improve energy levels because my rigorous travel schedule and work responsibilities are very physically taxing. I could see from my internet research that I had all the signs of adrenal fatigue and less than optimal hormone levels.

That's when I began to watch videos about the things that can be done as we age that will enhance optimal hormone levels safely and EFFECTIVELY. I didn't want to waste time and expense on supposed "solutions" that would never bring the desired results. I just wanted to be able to handle my work load with the energy levels I had when I was younger, and that's what prompted my search. Then I came across Dr. Justin Saya via his YouTube videos.

I watched about 12-13 videos from various proponents and just knew that Dr. Saya was my "go to guy". I could see he was honest and upfront and would not try to sell me on things that wouldn't help my case. So I called Defy Medical and got the ball rolling.

That was January 2015, and at this writing in November 2015, I can tell you WITHOUT HESITATION OR RESERVATION that Dr. Saya has fulfilled every expectation I had about improved physical strength, stamina, body fat loss, and energy levels being restored.

I do not know Dr. Saya, and I'm not writing this because he is a friend or colleague of mine. I'm writing this because I have witnessed first hand what his expertise and experience will do for a person. I've experienced the results both in the way I feel and work, but also in the hard evidence of improved hormonal results as evidenced by the most recent blood tests. My numbers have been brought back to youthful levels...and this is not merely subjective assessments, but also backed by steady blood testing results over the entire treatment period thus far. The numbers from the blood tests don't lie, and they are hard evidence that Dr. Saya's suggested regimen has worked.

If you have the signs of less than optimal hormonal balances and fatigue, I highly recommend you waste no time in calling Defy Medical and Dr. Saya... you will not be disappointed. I certainly wasn't.

"Up until graduation from high school I was a competitive swimmer and therefore in immaculate shape. Following high school, I joined the Marine Corps and was able to keep up this physique, at least until I started my family. Following the birth of my first child in 2008, at the age of 20, I gained 45 lbs. This was a tough pill to swallow as a female Marine and led to what I believe to be postpartum depression. Eventually, about a year later, I was able to drop all the weight and return to my pre-baby weight but I am embarrassed to admit that I lost that weight the unhealthy way, with over the counter diet pills, hardly any eating, and damaging workouts. I had my second child in 2013 at the age of 25 and gained 50 lbs this time. Fortunately for me, I discovered Defy medical! I lost all 55 lbs in six months and I did it the healthy way! I contribute my weight-loss and muscle gain success to Defy Medical's Weight Management Program, nutrient injection kits, and a mixture of cardio and lifting. If you are contemplating your consultation with Defy medical, please don't hesitate for they not only saved my body and health but my career too!"
Age 26
Active duty Marine

Thank you guys for all you do! Your helping people like me day to day to manage hormones which seems minor but in the big picture your helping me and many other find the fullness in life through optimal health and living. Nothing is better than that.
Great job everyone!!!
Josh H


I have suffered from low energy after lunch time for years . I am glad that i found out about Lipo C . It works so fast to increase energy naturally without stimulants and high caffeine that are now known to cause heart attacks in some people. And it helps my body use fat for energy better!
Rafael 54 Houston


On Sunday , December 16, 2012 I ran my 7th marathon since 2009 and I beat my previous best time by 1:29 ! I feel the Myers cocktail with the G,O,A & Citulline I received on the Friday prior to the race really helped me outperform my goal and beat a record heat in Jacksonville FL. My official marathon finish time at the Jacksonville Bank Marathon was 3:57:35.
Michael G. 33 Years old


I owe a great deal of thanks to the Defy medical team. I have been going to the same Internal Medicine practice for the last ten or so years. It was only when I contacted Defy and counseled with a physician that an issue with my blood was discovered. I was sent to a specialist and now healthier than ever.
E. Bizzell


You guys deserve a medal
Dale 57 years old


I read about the virtues of using Lipo C and decided to try it. I began taking my injections in the morning upon waking. I noticed I "woke up" within a short time after taking the injection. So much so I drank less coffee to feel alert. I really like the boost in energy I get and now take it daily.
Stamatis - 44


Lipo-C has given me the "boost" that I was looking for to enhance my well-being in conjunction with a good diet and exercise program. I've been looking for a great addition to my routine and Lipo-C has measured up where other supplements have failed!
Justin 31


On Sunday , December 16, 2012 I ran my 7th marathon since 2009 and I beat my previous best time by 1:29 ! I feel the Myers cocktail with the G,O,A & Citulline I received on the Friday prior to the race really helped me outperform my goal and beat a record heat in Jacksonville FL. My official marathon finish time at the Jacksonville Bank Marathon was 3:57:35.
Michael G. 33 Years old


I suffer from Hypothyroidism Some of the effects of this disorder are fatigue, lack of motivation, and trouble focusing. I have been using Lipo-C for a month. I have noticed a great improvement in in my mood, focus, and energy with in just a few days. The improvements continued to increase the longer i used it. I have also noticed an improvement in my appetite. With the increase in energy and focus I have been able to get in better work outs and improved lean muscle mass and loss of unwanted weight.
Robert Allen


As I approach the second half of my life I'm determined to make it the highest quality possible (funny how one never thinks about THAT when you're 30, huh?). I've found the right Doctor to help me achieve and maintain that.


Informative, result driven, great staff and dependable
Eddy 37


Wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Suzanne M. - 51 yrs old


Just to let you know that my medications and vitamins arrived already. Your people are always so professional. I'm glad that I found Mr. Nelson Vergel that told me about Defy Medical.
Thank you all,

I’ve suffered from severe migraines for the last 25 yrs and have been to several different doctors for mri’s, blood work and different test to figure out a resolution, which all helped for a short time then back to migraines and feeling drained, tried different home remedies which all failed, since I got involved with taking some amp 5 and b12 shots it has reduced the migraines to maybe 1 or 2 a month verses daily migraines, and gave me the energy I needed for everyday routine.. I have been off the shots for 2 wks now and back to having migraines everyday and just plain feeling tired, and scattered brained...again thank for all your help and cant wait to continue use of shots and get back on track again..

My health issues began on 15 August 2009, when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) destroyed the Humvee in which I was traveling in Afghanistan. After waking from a month and a half coma with an extremely severe Traumatic Brain Injury (T.B.I.), numerous broken bones, torn nerves, torn ligaments, bruised lungs, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S.), Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.), many bulged vertebrae and a few fractured vertebrae, followed by a countless number of therapy sessions at numerous hospitals around the United States, I was medically retired from the Marine Corps on 28 February 2012.

I started to feel that, with all due respect, the VA was dropping the ball on a few issues that they deemed to be of less importance than others, but were still having an adverse affect on my life, thus, needless to say, they were still important to me. After speaking with Jasen on my issues, I began treatment at Defy Medical.

For the past several years now, I continue to receive additional treatment and advice as well as any medication that I need through Defy. From the moment I started treatment with the staff at Defy, they, along with Jasen, immediately went, and continue to go, above and beyond anything that I expect, not just filling in those gaps in my treatment, but by continuing to notice any additional short falls that I might fail to notice myself, and then by taking the necessary steps to remedy the situation in a very timely manner (with my approval and that of my primary VA doctors, of course). Today, I am more apt to contact Jasen and Defy when I need assistance on almost every medically related issue, than I am, to seek advice at any other medical facility. The whole staff at Defy always goes out of their way to ensure I’m taken care of in the best and quickest way possible, and then they proceed to follow up at a later date in order to ensure that they have done all that they can to ensure that they had found the best way to resolve the issues. I would recommend Defy Medical to Anyone and Everyone that has Any medical issues, from the seemingly insignificant concern to the severe complication.

Sorry for the "longer than normal" review, but it is, after all, a very important field in which Jasen works, and he and his staff deserve the gratitude that they go out of their way to earn.

I just want to say, to Jasen Bruce and All of Doctors and Staff at Defy Medical:
Thank You Very Much for All the Amazing Help and Support!less
John Stanz - Retired U.S. Marine