Every patient begins our program with the Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Panel. This test helps our medical team design a patient-specific treatment plan which addresses hormone & nutrient deficiencies, along with disease prevention, leading you to optimal health.

Defy Medical is offering a Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Panel. The panel will evaluate your sex hormones, thyroid gland, adrenal function, and metabolic function. This blood test can be ordered almost anywhere in the US. All tests include a complete lab review and treatment plan with Dr. Justin Saya M.D., our Medical Director. Contact our staff today at 813-445-7342 to begin your path to optimal wellness.

Here is what's included:

  • Complete Hormone and Wellness Profile: this is a blood test which will evaluate your sex hormones, thyroid gland, adrenal function, metabolic health, and overall health through a panel of tests collected from a single blood draw.  Your blood will be drawn by a licensed phlebotomist at one of the labs located around the US and in most cities.  Our medical team will provide assistance through the lab process.   To learn more about the Comprehensive  Hormone and Wellness Profile or to locate a lab near your location, please visit the following link;  http://www.defymedical.com/services/laboratory-blood-testing
  • Doctor Evaluation and Lab Review : Once your blood test results become available our staff will schedule you for your consultation with our licensed medical doctor, Dr Justin Saya, for up to one hour.  During this consultation, each individual blood test will be explained so that the patient understands what each test means.  If any deficiencies are found, the doctor will identify any symptoms or illness which might be related along with a target range for each blood test.  In addition to reviewing your blood test, Dr Saya will analyse and discuss your medical history along with any current symptoms you might be experiencing.  Reviewing each of these areas is important for the successful evaluation and diagnosis of each patient.
  • Customized Treatment Plan : Using the information analyzed during your evaluation, our doctor will develop a custom treatment plan designed to improve your health, fitness and overall wellness.   One of the primary focuses of this evaluation is the analysis of your major hormones, analogues, and glandular health.   Qualified patients will have the opportunity to begin Hormone Replacement Therapy under the ongoing supervision of our physician and experienced medical team. 
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  • Physical Examination: A complete physical examination is required for us to provide a high standard of medical care.  A good examination includes an evaluation of a patient’s general appearance and specific organ systems along with vital signs such as pulse, blood pressure, and temperature.  Physical examinations are required annually for any patient undergoing hormone replacement therapy.  Defy Medical provides free examinations to active patients.

Available Treatment Options:

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Defy Medical strives to provide both quality medical care along with affordable access to compounded medications, blood tests, and nutritional supplements. In order to accomplish this, Defy Medical does not accept any form of insurance. Many of the formulations we use in our therapies are not covered by insurance, and the cost of overall treatment is often less than when using insurance. On case by case basis, some insurance companies do reimburse for Hormone Replacement Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy. It is each patient's responsibility to contact their own insurance company to confirm reimbursement. Defy Medical will not contact your insurance company nor will take any responsibility for any additional forms your insurance requires. Defy Medical provides claim assistance by completing the standard claim form (CMS-1500) for the patient to submit to their insurance company. If you would like to receive Claim Assistance, please contact patient services at [email protected]