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     April 2016
Dr. Saya Studies Different HCG Dosages and Discusses the Results -
Quantitative Serum hCG Case Studies: 150iu & 500iu

The human endocrine system comprises a complex network of organs, glands, hormones, receptors, binding globulins, enzymes, and mRNA/DNA transcription cascades that result in a multitude of vital end-products and processes throughout the body. Furthermore, this network is, for the most part, self-regulating via intricate control processes involving both positive and negative feedback loops.
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Watch this short video to Learn more about HCG

Explaining the Different Thyroid Medications Prescribed for Thyroid Imbalance
Explaining the Different Thyroid Medications Prescribed for Thyroid Imbalance

With the ever increasing price of the brand Armour Thyroid, which is a popular thyroid medication we prescribe, I wanted to take a moment to explain the different thyroid medications. We have options for our patients which are a better cost and it is important for you to understand the differences in medication in order to both save money and more importantly receive proper treatment.
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Research shows high protein foods boost cardiovascular health
Research Shows High Protein Foods Boost Cardiovascular Health

Eating foods rich in amino acids could be as good for your heart as stopping smoking or getting more exercise – according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA).
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The Early Signs of Pre-Diabetes
The Early Signs of Pre-Diabetes

Defy Medical now sponsors www.PeakTestosterone.com. Peak is a dedicated source of information regarding preventative medicine, hormones, nutrition, and overall health. We encourage everyone to visit Peak Testosterone with the hopes each of you will benefit from the information within.
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How to Order Nutritional Supplements at Defy Medical
How to Order Nutritional Supplements at Defy Medical

Defy Medical currently uses two sources for over the counter (OTC) nutritional supplements and proteins. In addition we also have the ability to compound specialized formulas at our preferred pharmacy. The two OTC sources we currently us are Metabolic Maintenance and Orthomolecular, both produce high quality supplements designed for a clinical application.
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All patients receive 25% off the retail price of both Metabolic Maintenance and Orthomolecular supplements purchased at Defy Medical. You can place an order at any time by contacting the clinic. This discount does not apply to nutritional supplements ordered at a compounding pharmacy, only through MM and OM.

The following links will lead to each company's website where you can conveniently search for specific products and ingredients. Remember, we offer all patients 25% off the retail price listed on the website. All orders must be placed through Defy Medical to receive the discounted price.

Metabolic Maintenance online catalog
Orthomolecular online catalog
Compounded & OTC Nutraceuticals

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