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     February 2016
Have you been prescribed Propecia (aka finasteride) for Hair-Loss
Have you been prescribed Propecia (aka finasteride) for Hair-Loss?

Common side effects from taking Propecia includes:

* Depression   * Inability to Orgasm
* Anxiety   * Bone Loss
* Muscle Weakness & Loss   * Fatigue
* Erectile Dysfunction    

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms after taking Propecia the good news is you wont have to needlessly suffer as there is treatment available which can reverse the effects of finasteride.

Defy Medical offers interventional treatment designed to reverse these symptoms through hormone re-balancing and optimization while providing hair restoration at the same time using the latest evidence based treatment protocols. Contact us for a free consultation

Contact us for a free consultation

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Hair Restoration Specials

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration

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Therapeutic Phlebotomy
Therapeutic Phlebotomy - How Occasionally Getting Rid of your Blood May Benefit your Health

The removal of blood for health purposes has been practiced for several thousand years. Across many societies the act of "bloodletting", or removal of blood, was thought to cure a multitude of ailments. Ancient Egyptians (circa 1000 BC) believed that occasionally self- sacrificing some blood improved spirituality and cured the body of any illness present. Other ancient societies like the Myan's encouraged bloodletting for religious purposes.

Throughout the advancement of our understanding of how the human body works we slowly realized that getting rid of blood does not cure all illnesses, however there is a benefit from this procedure under specific circumstances.

Today we call the procedure of removing excess red blood cells Therapeutic Phlebotomy, which is the treatment of choice for blood disorders in which the removal of red blood cells and/or iron is needed to manage disease symptoms and reduce complications.

'Polycythemia' is one of the more common conditions effectively treated using therapeutic phlebotomy. Polycythemia is an excessive production of red blood cells. With polycythemia the blood becomes very viscous or "sticky," making it harder for the heart to pump. High blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks can occur in left untreated. People with polycythemia usually experience fatigue, weakness, headaches, and hypertension. Polycythemia is a symptom which occurs with a variety of known and sometimes unknown origins. Here are just some examples of known origins of polycythemia;

* Heavy smoking   * Certain medications and drugs
* Dehydration   * Exposure to high altitudes
* High levels of stress   * Too much Testosterone
* Lung diseases or disorder   * Obesity

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Defy Medical Offers Therapeutic Phlebotomy at our Tampa Clinic
For $75 you will receive:

  • Hematocrit test administered before treatment - Immediate results
  • Blood pressure and examination before and after treatment
  • Therapeutic Phlebotomy performed by our Registered Nurse
  • Q & A discussion during treatment with experienced clinician
  • No wait time
  • One-on-one care during treatment
  • Appointment Reminders when routine treatments are needed
  • Average time for treatment: 1 hour

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Therapeutic Phlebotomy
REPLENISH With an IV-Nutrient Infusion after the Phlebotomy

Once your therapeutic phlebotomy has been completed, using the same intravenous port you can quickly replenish with a custom natural IV infusion containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and electrolytes in a sterile saline hydration bag. After discussing your current symptoms and goals during the therapeutic phlebotomy our trained medical team can design am IV combination that can

* improve energy   * Help restore brain chemistry
* Increase blood flow   * Provide cellular detoxification
* Benefit mood   * Reduce tension & anxiety
* Strengthen immune system   * Hydrate and nourish
* Reduce symptoms of acute illness    
IV Nutrient Infusions cost $60 for the Myer's Cocktail

Mention this Newsletter and receive $10 off your next Myer's Cocktail. Other vitamins, amino-acids, and minerals can be added at various concentrations depending on what you want to accomplish and how you would like to feel. Offer expires March 1st 2016

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