Many of our patients state that their primary goal is to “lose weight, or more accurately” to decrease body fat and increase muscle.  When attempting to learn how to accomplish this goal, there tends to be more confusion due to the large amount of conflicting information regarding nutrition plus the false marketing of “weight-loss” products and supplements.  Most of the information available to the public remains unproven and is mostly product driven, while some of the good information appears to be only scratching the surface.  To the contrary, reducing body-fat is much easier and far less expensive than many people realize.  Almost 100% of successful fat-loss comes from proper nutritional intake (diet) and the remainder from physical activity.  Physical activity can be as basic as walking or gardening, as long as it is consistent.  Although nutritional intake (diet) is a very comprehensive topic, actually following a sound diet plan is easier than those in the “fad diet” business would like you to know. 


Nutritional supplements should only be used as a tool to help you towards fat reduction and increased muscle.  Although some products can be valuable for accomplishing these goals, you can still successfully lose fat and build muscle without using any nutritional supplement as long as you are receiving the proper amount of amino acids, micro-nutrients, and macronutrients from your diet.    Most of us are constantly on the move and required to perform at our best in addition to the many variables which can prohibit us from eating properly.  Using specific nutrients to assist during these times can provide health benefits along with enhancing fat reduction and muscle preservation.   It is important to understand what works, and what does not work when it comes to available products.  Despite there being a large selection of available products being marketed as “weight-loss” or fat-loss agents, there is only a small selection of nutrients which have been proven to assist with specific processes in the body which can lead to fat loss or increase in muscle.  When it comes to nutritional supplements, injectable nutrients, and nutrient combinations, Defy Medical only provides ingredients which have proven efficacy. 

To help you towards your fat-loss goal, the Defy Medical Team has designed a new Lipo Kit which contains our most commonly prescribed fat-loss agents at a discounted price.  Each Lipo Kit contains the following products which are sourced from 2 different specialty pharmacies

PhenTabz  (60 tablets Rx Strength)

Lipo-C       (30cc and includes 30 syringes)

DLPA      (30 capsules)

Chromate   (30 capsules)

This new kit is designed to provide an effective tool which can help facilitate fat-loss when used along with a good diet.  The total cost which includes supplies is $167.  Each product can also be purchased separately, however we are able to provide a discounted price when purchased as a complete kit.  If you would like to learn more about any of these topics, please contact Defy’s patient services at 813-445-7342 or by emailing your questions to [email protected] 


$25 credit towards your next Lipo-Kit purchase.  Offer expires August 21st, 2013.  You must reference this article during your order to receive credit.