Lose Weight , Balance Your Hormones, and Increase your Life Quality.

Our customized program is designed to promote fat loss and increase muscle leading to improved body composition and a healthy total body weight.

There are three necessary components to effective fat-reduction and weight-management:

  • Proper Nutrition
  • Sufficient Exercise
  • Optimization of key hormones

In some cases, the intervention of a medical doctor is needed to facilitate this process. Dr Justin Saya and his team have developed a proven method for effective fat loss which includes a customized program combining nutritional plans, an exercise routine, hormones, lipotropic medication, and hunger suppressants.

Comprehensive Hormone Testing will be included in our Weight-Management Program.

Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT) can restore specific hormone levels to optimal levels reducing negative symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. A simple blood test will detect hormone levels and allow our physician to customize a treatment plan using bio-identical hormones prescribed through a local licensed compounding pharmacy. Our BHRT program provides continued physician monitoring along with medication refills at a very affordable cost. In addition, Dr Saya and his staff are available to assist patients at any time during therapy.

Start your program today for $450. This price includes the following;

  • Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Blood Test ordered at a testing facility near your home
  • Consultation and Lab Review with Dr Justin Saya, MD
  • Individualized Treatment Plan
  • Nutrition and Diet Analysis
  • Enrollment into our Concierge Medical Program

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