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Peptide Therapy

Manage the symptoms of aging

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy
Manage the symptoms of aging
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Improve your quality of life. 

You might think aging is just something you have to deal with as part of life. But with Peptide Therapy, you can offset the effects of aging by supplementing with peptides to increase your body's levels of Human Growth Hormone (hGH).

Ready to feel better? Defy Medical can help.

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Peptide Therapy can help you manage symptoms like: 
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Changes in body composition, including fat gain and loss of muscle mass
  • Memory and cognitive issues caused by a decrease in hGH
  • Loss of strength and tolerance to exercise
  • Slowed wound healing and tissue regeneration

We require a lab panel for Peptide Therapy, so we can assess your health and recommend the best treatment for you. If you’re currently on HRT with Defy, you likely have all the labwork necessary.  

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Available peptide prescriptions

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Bremelanotide (For sexual health)

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Combination therapies

What are the benefits of Peptide Therapy?

Some benefits reported by patients include: 

icon sleep
Better sleep quality
icon dumbell
Improved muscle mass
icon weight v2
Loss of body fat
icon fatigue
Less fatigue
icon bone density v2
Bone density improvement
icon face
Improved skin and hair
icon sexual health v2
Better moods
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Improved health and faster recovery
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What is Peptide Therapy?
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Peptides can increase your hGH levels.

Human Growth Hormone (hGH) is very important within the body, and it's involved in processes like growth, cell regeneration, wound healing, and much more. Peptide Therapy is designed to stimulate the release of hGH. This type of therapy is also sometimes called Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

Defy Medical offers several options that can be used for Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy, including Growth Hormone secretagogues, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones, and Ghrelin analogs.

Why should I start Peptide Therapy?

By elevating the body's levels of hGH through Peptide Therapy, you can manage frustrating symptoms of aging and begin to feel better. 

When you're young, your hGH levels are naturally high to support growth and development. As you age, hGH levels start to decrease. By the time you've reached 55, levels have typically dropped to one-tenth of the amount they were during puberty. This decrease leads to many of the symptoms we identify as aging.