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Options for Defy International Patients

Get advice from the experts.

Defy International Patients

Options for Defy International Patients
Get advice from the experts.
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Do you reside outside the United States and feel like you can’t get the specialized hormone restoration guidance you need? If you’re looking for hormone replacement therapy in Canada, the United Kingdom, or another country, we may be able to help.

You can access our expert recommendations.

Defy is only licensed to practice and prescribe in the US, which means we are presently unable to prescribe and ship medication outside the United States. 

However, Defy Medical’s experienced providers can serve Defy International patients through virtual, Advice-Only Consultations to review provided bloodwork and protocols and make recommendations.

If you’re having trouble finding expertise from your local providers, our Advice-Only Consultations can help guide you to more appropriate treatments and protocols.

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What’s Included in an International Consultation

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One of our expert providers will review your labwork (provided by you before the appointment), your existing protocol if applicable, and go over your goals for hormone replacement therapy.

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Once our provider has a clear view of your medical history and overall health, he or she will provide detailed recommendations for a protocol tailored to your specific needs.

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Our patients often take these recommendations to their local provider to use as expert guidance in their care. You can also schedule additional Advice-Only Consultations with Defy at regular intervals to continue reviewing your labwork and responses. 

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Why Defy Medical?

Defy Medical is an integrative medicine practice specializing in Men’s Health and Women’s Health with deep expertise in hormone balancing and wellness.  Through our telemedicine services, we’re able to provide care to thousands of patients across the United States, and we also offer Advice-Only International HRT consultations to patients overseas.

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