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Learn weight management techniques you can use during the holidays

How to avoid Weight-gain between the Holidays

Here are some tips to help keep you lean and healthy during the holiday season:

1. Never skip meals: skipping meals will force your body into starvation mode and cause your metabolism to slow down, basically storing whatever calories you eat. Eat smaller meals more frequently.

2. Eat a lean protein source with every meal: fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef, cottage cheese and legumes (including soy). The serving size should be about the size of the palm of your hand and the height of a deck of cards.

3. Avoid high-glycemic carbohydrates: bread, pasta, white rice, cereals, candy, baked goods, pretzels, sweets, etc. High-glycemic foods will increase blood sugar levels, which increases blood insulin levels, causing the body to store fat.


Testosterone Restoration and treatment for Men at Defy Medical.

Testosterone Restoration Therapy (TRT) for Men: Effective Treatment for Low T

Are you experiencing fatigue and low or no sex drive? Do you seem to have less mental focus?

Do you have less tolerance to stress and feel down? Is your body getting softer while you are gaining fat? Have you been exercising for months or years without improvements in your body? You do not have the problems mentioned but you want to how to keep your testosterone within healthy ranges? Then, Testosterone Restoration might be for you. You may be one of the 13 million men in the United States that are suffering from testosterone deficiency needlessly without knowing it.

The Defy Medical team will explain in clear and practical language the symptoms and treatments of testosterone deficiency to help determine if you are a good candidate for this therapy.


As a concierge medical clinic, Defy Medical offers state of the art interventional therapies which leads to fat-loss, increased muscle, increased sexual performance and overall optimal health.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Start any of our programs for $199

For the next 30 days Defy Medical is offering a Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Panel for $199 - Normally a $450.00 value. The panel will evaluate your sex hormones, thyroid gland, adrenal function, and metabolism. This blood test can be ordered almost anywhere in the US. All tests include a complimentary lab review and treatment plan with Dr. Justin Saya M.D., our Medical Director. Contact our staff today at 813-445-7342 to begin your path to wellness.


What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is tailored to suit the busy lifestyles we all lead. Our processes allow the patient treatment from home in a discreet manner.

Medical Services and Treatments available to all of our patients :

  • Testosterone Restoration Therapy for Men and Woman
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy for Men and Woman
  • Fat-loss and Medical Weight-Management (no more "weight-loss")
  • Sexual Performance Enhancement (increase your sexual performance, fitness, and enjoyment)
  • HIV Wasting Prevention
  • Nutritional Medicine and Injectable Nutrient Kits
  • Sports and Family Medicine
  • Effective Type-2 Diabetes Treatment and Prevention
  • Affordable Blood Test and analysis (check your hormones!)
  • Treatment for depression
  • Treatment for menopause: the symptoms related to pre and post menopause
  • Monitored Hormone Replacement Therapies for Transgender patients.
  • FTM and MTF programs now available!


Defy Medical on Fox News

Defy Medical on Fox News

At 44 years old, Stamatis Ferarolis now lifts weights with ease.   But just a few years ago this former college soccer player was having trouble keeping up.

"I did all those things that really beat up my body so my body was in pain. By the time I hit 40, I started really feeling the effects, getting out of bed and feeling like old man," he said.


Depression treatment from Defy Medical

Fight depression this holiday

Chemical imbalances of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and dopamine are often the cause of depression and anxiety disorders. Essential amino acids help produce the major neurotransmitters that our brain needs. Amino acid therapy is a long-term solution to improving depression, anxiety and the chemical imbalance in the brain.


Nelson Vergel is now with Defy Medical

Health Expert & Author Nelson Vergel has joined the Defy Medical Team

Defy Medical is proud to introduce Nelson Vergel as the newest addition to our medical team.  Nelson brings first-hand experience as the author of "Testosterone: A Man's Guide" and co-author of the book "Built to Survive", the founder of the Body Positive Wellness Clinic in Houston, and an expert speaker on exercise, nutrition, testosterone restoration, metabolism , sexual function, body changes, lean body mass gain and fat loss. Aided by his chemical engineering degree and obsession for scientific data, he adds his own personal experience as he demystifies all testosterone and health myths. He has been involved in several clinical studies of supplements, hormones and exercise through his association with the National Institute of Health and private investigators. Via over 500 lectures, he has provided patient-friendly information accessible to all, independently of their knowledge base.  For the last 20 years, his trial-and-error experience to improve his quality of life has paved the way for others to learn from his knowledge.
More information on him here:;

Nelson is available at Defy Medical for private coaching sessions and patient education. His direct patient knowledge and research will be utilized in the development of our patient treatment plans.  To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact Defy Medical by phone:  813-445-7342 or email Nelson at

Start Hormone Restoration Therapy (or TRT) for $199

Hormone Restorative Therapies includes comprehensive evidence-based treatment protocols for Menopause, Andropause, Testosterone Deficiency, Sexual Function, and quality of life.  $199 includes your Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Panel (bloodwork); Consultation with our Medical Doctor; and your treatment plan. Contact Defy Medical to get started today: 813-445-7342