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Thyroid Hormone Gene: Seek personalized thyroid care

Jun 6, 2019

Studying the gene identified as DIO2 (IDII) has shown that treating all cases of hypothyroidism with the same conventional methodology might not be the most...
Defy Medical Blog

How Thyroid Hormones are Made

Jun 6, 2019

Thyroid Hormone MetabolismThyroid hormone is indispensable for normal development and metabolism of most cells and tissues.
Benefits of Using Compounded Medications

The Benefits of Using Compounded Medications

Jasen Bruce

Jun 6, 2019

Where do your medications come from?Bringing a new drug to the market in the US requires a big investment and a lot of work.
testosterone cypionate storage warning v2

Testosterone Cypionate Storage Warning

Defy Medical

Jun 1, 2019

If your state is experiencing cold weather and your prescription is delivered and left in low temperatures, it’s possible your Testosterone cypionate may have separated.
Testosterone Gel Application resized

Improve Testosterone Gel Absorption

Defy Medical

May 29, 2019

Most absorption of testosterone in testosterone gels happens during the first 4 hours. The 1.
Defy Medical Blog

Testosterone Replacement: It's Not just for Men

May 20, 2019

Testosterone is often mistakenly defined as a hormone that is important for men only.
Thyroid Capsule 1

Understanding your Thyroid Medication

May 20, 2019

With the ever increasing price of the brand “Armour Thyroid”, which is a popular thyroid medication we prescribe, we wanted to take a moment to...
 Transdermal Testosterone Compounded transdermal testosterone cream in a Topi-Click container

Topical Testosterone - What bases are available?

Jasen Bruce

May 20, 2019

Another method of administering testosterone is through transdermal absorption. Testosterone is available as a transdermal delivery system (TDS) in various concentrations for topical application.

Sermorelin and Adult-onset Growth Hormone Insufficiency

Dr. Richard Walker

May 17, 2019

Growth hormone replacement therapy (GHRT) using recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) has been embraced by many age management practitioners as one of the most effective...