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Bi est Cream 10

Applying Topical Hormone Cream: Bi-Est (Estrogen)

Dec 1, 2019

First, wash your hands with soap and water

How to Apply: estrogen cream should be applied once per day unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
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Benefits of the Myers Cocktail IV Infusion

Dec 1, 2019

The Myers Cocktail is a common base formula used in intravenous infusions. It contains specific vitamins and minerals combined into a saline bag.
hcg 12000 mockup v2

Medication Instructions: How to Mix HCG

Dec 1, 2019

Each bottle of HCG will arrive lyophilized (in powder form) and will need to be reconstituted (mixed) with a separate solution (diluent).
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Thyroid Medications for Weight Management

Jun 6, 2019

Because of the basic understanding that the hormones produced by the thyroid regulate energy metabolism, althletes and overweight people have self-administered thyroid hormones acquired without...
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Thyroid Hormone Gene: Seek personalized thyroid care

Jun 6, 2019

Studying the gene identified as DIO2 (IDII) has shown that treating all cases of hypothyroidism with the same conventional methodology might not be the most...
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How Thyroid Hormones are Made

Jun 6, 2019

Thyroid Hormone MetabolismThyroid hormone is indispensable for normal development and metabolism of most cells and tissues.
Benefits of Using Compounded Medications

The Benefits of Using Compounded Medications

Jasen Bruce

Jun 6, 2019

Where do your medications come from?Bringing a new drug to the market in the US requires a big investment and a lot of work.
testosterone cypionate storage warning v2

Testosterone Cypionate Storage Warning

Defy Medical

Jun 1, 2019

If your state is experiencing cold weather and your prescription is delivered and left in low temperatures, it’s possible your Testosterone cypionate may have separated.
Testosterone Gel Application resized

Improve Testosterone Gel Absorption

Defy Medical

May 29, 2019

Most absorption of testosterone in testosterone gels happens during the first 4 hours. The 1.