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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for Men

Jasen Bruce

Jul 20, 2017

Effective Treatment for Low Testosterone

Are you experiencing fatigue and lack of drive? Do you seem to have less mental focus? Do you have less tolerance to stress? Are you feeling depressed? Is your body getting softer while you are gaining fat? Have you been consistently exercising without seeing improvements in your body? You do not have the problems mentioned but you want to understand how to keep your testosterone within healthy ranges?

Testing and knowing the amount of testosterone you have can benefit you. You may be one of the 13 million men in the United States that are suffering from testosterone deficiency needlessly without knowing it. The Defy Medical team will explain in clear and practical language the symptoms and treatments of testosterone deficiency to help determine if you are a good candidate for this therapy.

Each patient begins our TRT program with a comprehensive blood test which will determine any deficiencies in Testosterone and other important hormones. Testosterone restoration therapy (TRT) can dramatically boost sex drive and function, strength, energy levels, mood, mental focus, and lean body mass while decreasing fat in men with testosterone deficiency syndrome (medically known as “hypogonadism”). However, it is not a therapy to start without proper medical monitoring. Defy Medical provides complete monitoring and prescription management for all of our patients on TRT. There are several options for testosterone restoration available by prescription but many men do not know how to decide which is best for them. During the initial consultation, our medical doctor will review all available options and customize a treatment plan which will optimize both your Testosterone level along with your overall health. All myths and misconceptions surrounding testosterone will be fully explained and resolved. After your first appointment with our medical doctor, you will know: If you have low testosterone blood levels; What your level means; What your best TRT option is more suitable for you, if you need one; How to avoid the main mistakes that men make when using TRT; How to identify and treat potential side effects before they become a problem; What foods and medicines can lower your testosterone; and how to administer your prescriptions. During the appointment you will also be provided your treatment plan along with nutritional counseling to support your health and fitness goals. Your prescription can be delivered discreetly to your home directly from our pharmacy.

Defy Medical is dedicated to being a leading concierge medical practice which focuses on both preventative and restorative therapies. We are committed to improve the health and wellness of the patients we serve across the country through personalized treatment and individual care. Defy provides access to affordable lab testing, medical support, and Testosterone Replacement Therapies to patients across the US. Our medical team will provide the monitoring necessary to maintain Testosterone levels within a specific range while managing any potential side effects.

Contact Defy Medical to learn more about Testosterone Replacement Therapy and an affordable Testosterone blood test which can be done anywhere in the US. Checking your testosterone is as easy as a simple blood test provided by Defy Medical and performed at a lab near your home. The cost is $35 which includes phone support from our medical staff.

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