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Testosterone Does Not Cause Heart Attacks

Jan 4, 2013

Testosterone Does Not Cause Heart Attacks

It is shocking that the recent study which claimed that testosterone causes heart attacks has found its reach within certain medical circles, then to the masses, considering the obvious flaws within the study itself. Not surprising are the attorney's looking to make a buck off anything they can spin to their benefit. They are using this flawed study to generate lawsuits against Big Pharma producers of testosterone medications. The problems within this study include: Lack of testing and monitoring estradiol conversion, which can happen in aging men and easy to manage with proper treatment. Lack of testing and monitoring Hematocrit/red blood cells which can become elevated in men given testosterone. This is also easily manageable and preventable when properly monitored.

Lastly they did not even provide proper dosing of testosterone to the men within the study. Soon enough this study will be knocked to the ground and these attorney's will have nothing to stand on. Fact is, maintaining good levels of testosterone actually reduced heart attack risk.

Here are two videos which discuss how to manage estrogen and red blood cells in men taking testosterone. The lack of these levels being monitored is a major oversight within the study.


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