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Sildenafil and Tadalafil as Oral Disintegrating Tablets (ODT)

Nov 16, 2018

An ODT is a solid dosage form that disintegrates and dissolves in the mouth (either on or beneath the tongue or in the buccal cavity) without water within 60 seconds or less. This dosage form is also helpful for patients who have difficulty swallowing.

Anecdotal Benefits: Faster onset of medication has been reported. Increased compliance in patients who have difficulty swallowing tablets. Can be taken without water.

Reported Negative: Some medications may leave a bitter aftertaste despite flavoring.

Route of Administration: Sublingual administration is when medication is placed under the tongue to be absorbed by the body. The word “sublingual” means “under the tongue.” Buccal administration involves placement of the drug between the gums and the cheek.


See below for a list of important highlights and ODT details:   

  • The price for ODTs will be significantly less expensive per milligram than our troches
  • ODTs are similar to a hard tablet taken orally, but are designed to take sublingually for faster onset of action and reduce ‘upset stomach’ sometimes experienced with oral tablets
  • ODTs can dissolve faster than troches or traditional oral tablets
  • Unlike troches, ODTs can dissolve in the mouth without additional water
  • All ODTs are quad-scored so that they can be broken into smaller dosage forms (ie take 1/4 of a 25mg tadalafil ODT)
  • Empower Pharmacy’s ODTs will be dispensed in individually perforated blister packs to allow safe and discreet transport
  • ODTs do not melt and can be shipped via ground
  • ODTs are hard enough that they will not break in transit, but still have a rapid dissolution speed (ability to dissolve sublingually within 60 seconds)
  • ODTs are compounded utilizing an automated pharmaceutical tablet press
  • All dispensed ODTs have passed potency testing at a third party analytical lab
  • Each batch of ODTs 100% check weighed to ensure quality


Now Available in ODTs:

Sildenafil 125mg ODT

Tadalafil 25mg ODT

Vardenafil 25mg ODT


*Be sure to ask our provider about this dosage form option  

1.    Sildenafil

Dosage form:


Available strength: 125mg

Commercial product: Viagra; Revatio

Dose: Place 1 tablet under tongue and dissolve sublingually 60 min prior to sex. Allow only one dose within 24 hours. Do not combine with other PDE5 inhibitors or penile injections on the same day otherwise there is risk of priapism.

2.    Tadalafil

Dosage form: ODT

Available strength: 25 mg

Commercial product: Cialis

Dose: Place 1 tablet under tongue and dissolve sublingually 60 min prior to sexual activity. Do not take more than 25mg every 36 hours.


3.    Vardenafil

Dosage form: ODT

Available strength: 25 mg

Commercial product: Levitra

Dose: Place 1 tablet under tongue and dissolve sublingually 60 min prior to sexual activity. Recommended starting dose is 10 mg and can be increased to 20 mg depending on the patient’s tolerance.


How to Receive Assistance

Contact Defy Medical to learn more about Oral Dissolving Tablets available at our FDA registered compounding pharmacy.

This information is not a recommendation nor is it intended to provide direction regarding diagnoses, treatments, or potential outcomes. Any interpretation of this information is the opinion of Defy Medical and should be used by the prescriber at his/her discretion

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