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New IV Therapy Book Available Soon

We are excited to announce that we will soon publish a groundbreaking book about IV infusion therapy. Building on our years of experience as leaders in the field of intravenous nutrition, we have compiled our Injectable and Intravenous Nutrient Product Guide as a complete resource to help healthcare practitioners use IV therapy to treat their patients.

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Injectable nutrition IV infusion product guide book.

What’s in the Book?

Defy Medical’s Injectable and Intravenous Nutrient Product Guide will include over 90 pages of useful information for healthcare providers:

  • Overview of injectable and IV nutrient therapy, including why patients seek it
  • Basic operational protocols to help providers run their practices safely and efficiently
  • Explanation of osmolarity and its importance in injectable and IV therapy
  • Information on ingredients commonly used, including vitamins and minerals, amino acids, specialty products, and lipotropics
  • Common IV cocktails
  • Treatment protocols

Where Can I Find It?

The book will be available at in the near future.

In the Meantime

As we mentioned, our Injectable and Intravenous Nutrient Product Guide will be available soon. Until then, you can read our related articles right here on the Defy website:

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