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Increased Demand for Peptides Has Led to Inferior Products on the Market

As the benefits of peptides become more well-known, many people seek this therapy to help with age management, fat loss, tissue recovery after injury or surgery, improved body composition, sharper mental acuity, better sleep and more.

The increase in demand has led to online sales of peptides with questionable production methods that are untested and potentially ineffective at best – and dangerous at worst.

It’s crucial to make sure your peptides are sourced from licensed pharmacy vendors that comply with FDA and DEA regulations, have passed their most recent FDA inspections, and adhere to USP and Good Manufacturing Practices to meet the highest level of quality.

This is not only to ensure your Peptide Therapy is effective, but also to protect yourself and your health from low-quality medication. Also, because Peptide Therapy involves altering your body’s chemistry, it’s important to begin a guided protocol and to check in regularly with an experienced medical provider.

We urge you to use caution when searching for peptides online, and to ensure that your peptides come from a trusted source.

Peptide Therapy with Defy Medical

Defy Medical partners with FDA-registered pharmacies to bring high-quality peptides to our patients at competitive prices (when medically appropriate for the patient). Our care team specializes in hormone restoration and wellness and is qualified to help guide you through a peptide protocol, if applicable.

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