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Semaglutide is an emerging therapy for weight loss and weight management.

 But how much does Semaglutide cost?

There are several factors that go into the cost of Semaglutide medication. We’ll break down how Semaglutide is used and the average monthly cost of Semaglutide therapy.

Semaglutide Titration Schedule

Semaglutide is titrated, meaning patients start at a lower dose and go up over time. This helps the body adjust to the medication and limits side effects.

The Semaglutide titration schedule affects the overall cost because patients need less medication initially until they reach a steady dose.

An average Semaglutide titration schedule is:

  1. Begin with 0.25mg weekly for three to four weeks.
  2. Increase to 0.5mg weekly. Depending on your response, you may stay at this dosage, or continue to increase it.
  3. If patients increase their dosage, the next step is 1mg weekly for four weeks.
  4. You may increase to 2mg weekly, which is the highest recommended dose.

Care plans depend on the individual and their unique response to treatment. That’s why working with a knowledgeable provider is an important step in starting Semaglutide weight loss therapy. You should follow the titration schedule set by your provider.

What's the cost of Semaglutide?

The average cost of Semaglutide medication at the maximum dosage of 2mg is less than $250 per month, with injections administered every week.*

Factors that Impact Semaglutide Cost

In addition to the medication cost, there are lab work and consultation costs to consider:

  • Defy Medical weight loss consults: $60
  • Weight Management blood panel ordered through Defy Medical with our value lab pricing: $59

New patients have an initial consult as well as an initial lab panel to establish care. Then patients follow up with their Defy Medical provider 3 months after starting care, which includes ordering follow-up labs so we can track progress. Once established, Semaglutide patients follow up with their provider and lab work every six months.

The average above doesn’t include the titration period. This period typically lasts 7-12 weeks, and medication costs may be less than the average as patients start at a lower dosage. Patients also may not titrate to the maximum dosage of 2mg, which could similarly decrease cost.

Defy Medical doesn’t charge a subscription fee, and you’re only charged for the services you use when you use them. We also have financing options available for those who qualify if that works better for your budget.

*This is a cost estimate based on the maximum dosage with a standard schedule after medication titration. Your cost may be more or less depending on your protocol. This figure is meant for illustrative purposes and is not a price guarantee. Semaglutide is a complex treatment with many variables which may affect the protocol and overall price. This cost estimate is for the medication and does not include consultation, lab work, shipping, or state sales tax. If you have more questions about the cost of Semaglutide, connect with a Patient Advocate today.

Semaglutide Medication Strengths and Vial Sizes

Semaglutide cost depends on the strength of the vial and the amount of medication stored inside.

For example, a medication strength of 2.5mg/mL in a 1mL vial will be used differently than a 2.5 mL vial with a strength of 1mg/mL. And a strength of 5mg/mL will be much stronger, requiring smaller amounts to reach the desired dosage.

The dose and the strength of the medication will affect how long a vial of medication lasts, which in turn impacts the cost of Semaglutide.

Cost of Semaglutide Medication by Vial Size and Strength

  • 5mg/mL strength in a 1mL vial – $189
  • 5mg/mL strength in a 3mL vial — $310
  • 1mg/mL + 0.5mg/mL 1mL Cyanocobalamin in a 1mL vial – $80
  • 5mg/mL + 0.5mg/mL 1mL Cyanocobalamin in a 1 mL vial – $140
  • 1mg/mL + 0.5mg/mL Cyanocobalamin in a 2.5mL vial — $189
  • 5mg/mL + 0.5mg/mL Cyanocobalamin in a 2.5mL vial — $350
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The many options for Semaglutide can be confusing.

There are different strengths and sizes for Semaglutide, as well as multiple pharmacies producing the medication with slightly different formulas.

But there’s good news! When you start your care with Defy Medical, you don’t have to worry about which vial to choose.

If you qualify for Semaglutide therapy, your provider will prescribe you the dosage strength that aligns with your goals, response to the medication, overall health, and budget considerations.

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Will Insurance Cover Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is an emerging therapy for weight loss and weight management. Because of this, insurance may not cover the cost of the treatment. Insurance companies often do not consider newer therapies to be medically necessary, or may have limited requirements for who qualifies.

If insurance does cover the prescription, you may have trouble accessing name brand Semaglutide products like Wegovy® and Ozempic®, because the market is experiencing shortages due to overwhelming demand.

Defy Medical is a concierge clinic, and we offer our services at reasonable and predictable prices, so you can take control of your care. We do not accept insurance, which gives us greater maneuverability in optimizing your care.

Defy Medical: Your Integrative Wellness Experts

We’ve given an overview of the average cost for Semaglutide based on medication costs, consultations and follow-ups, lab work, and other factors. Hopefully now you feel more informed about the cost of Semaglutide.

Defy Medical offers physician-guided weight loss plans that include Semaglutide for qualifying patients. Since many negative health outcomes are associated with weight gain, a comprehensive fat loss plan can help improve overall health and wellness.

With Defy Medical, you access:

Expert Care

Our experienced care team treats patients using the latest advancements in fat loss and weight management.

Convenient Telemedicine

Access virtual consultations and simple online ordering of medications.

No Subscriptions or Contracts

You control your schedule and cost decisions, and only pay for what you need.

In-Depth Consults

You’ll receive one-on-one guidance and be able to discuss any concerns.

Individualized Care Plans

We go deeper to get to the root causes and create a treatment plan as unique as you are.

Regular Follow-Up

Work with our providers to fine-tune your fat loss plan.

Access expansive treatment options.

In addition to Semaglutide, we offer access to a wide range of weight management medications.

A Variety of Health Services

We also offer Hormone Replacement Therapy, injectable nutrition, Primary Care, and more.

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