IV nutrient therapy, newest wave in health

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Drip your way to better health?

With the new year always comes promises of a healthier you! Getting in shape, mind and body is usually at the top of the "things to improve" list. So what if there was a product offered right here in the Bay Area that its providers' say can do all of that for you and more? All by just sitting in a chair on your lunch break? Well the people over at Defy Medical in Tampa seem to think they have the product you have been waiting for.

I.V. Infusions on Fox News

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At 44 years old, Stamatis Ferarolis now lifts weights with ease.   But just a few years ago this former college soccer player was having trouble keeping up.

"I did all those things that really beat up my body so my body was in pain. By the time I hit 40, I started really feeling the effects, getting out of bed and feeling like old man," he said.

By age 42, it was worse.